Thursday 4 June, 2020

Local team designs acrylic barriers for virus protection at businesses

Image source: The Phoenix Group facebook page

Image source: The Phoenix Group facebook page

In light of COVID-19, there has been a significant jump in demand for what has been referred to as "spit shields" in the essential business sector. Groceries, convenience stores, pharmacies, doctors offices & other public facilities around the globe are using the shields to protect workers from the spread of the virus.

Caymanian property development company, the Phoenix Group, has been working overtime fabricating and installing clear acrylic safety screens, under the name of Bio Shields to protect employees and customers at essential businesses.

Bio-Shields are designed for use in environments where protection from coughing or sneezing and general airborne fluid contamination is of the utmost importance.

The Phoenix Group has built the acrylic barriers to fit checkout counters, reception desks and work stations, ideal for assisting social distancing in retail and office settings. These are being adapted to meet other applications as needed.

Similar barriers have been observed at checkouts in the United States and Canada at outlets such as Sobeys and Stop & Shop to help keep cashiers and shoppers from infecting one another.

At some supermarkets, shoppers are paying for and bagging their groceries, separated from employees by the newly installed see-through barriers.

In the United Kingdom, unions have demanded that supermarkets install similar shields to protect staff from angry customers and the risk of infection as panic buying continues to grip the nation.

Cayman’s largest warehouse club store, Cost-U-Less, has been one of the local businesses to begin using Bio-Shields. On April 3, the team at Phoenix Group worked overnight to complete the installation of the protective mechanism at 10 check-out counters and 1 customer service desk. Employees conveyed their relief at having the additional protection.

This is just another example of the Cayman Islands being a step ahead during the COVID-19 crisis.

“If we can reduce the risk of social interaction at supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centres, banks and other small businesses, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said the team at The Phoenix Group.

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