Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Masters of Prep: Identifying dangers in the home during an earthquake

It seems that almost every week we are rocked by an earthquake somewhere in the Caribbean. 

And while most of them have not posed a major threat to our lives, homes and surrounding infrastructure, we should be prepared for any major seismic activity.

According to the UWI Seismic Centre, if there is an earthquake you need to stay calm and be alert. if you are inside you should stay there and move away from items in the home that can dislodge and harm you.

Can you or your children identify the items in your home that can pose a danger during an earthquake?

Thanks to the Digicel Foundation's Masters of Prep game you can teach your kids to identify those dangers so they know what to avoid in case of an earthquake.

Masters of Prep is designed to educate children, particularly those with special needs, on how to protect themselves and build resilience during common Caribbean disasters.

Captain K, the mascot of the Preparing You programme, under which the game was designed, helps you to recognise potential risks/dangers, know what to do and plan ahead.

In the Earthquake Scenario, Captain K navigates his home identifying and securing items that may pose a risk or cause injury in event of an earthquake.

At end of the tutorial, the room shakes and players have to direct Captain K to ‘duck, cover, and hold on’

To play, download the Masters of Prep game free in the Google Play Store.



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