Saturday 24 October, 2020

Measures put in place for self isolation of UK students & families

There have been concerns about the arrival of students from the UK over the next few days and the possible transmission of COVID-19 by students arriving from the UK who may have contracted the virus.

As one protective measure, those arriving will have their temperatures taken at the airport.

As stated before, students will be required to self-isolate. "This is isolation. It is not a group activity," said the governor, urging students not to congregate during this period. Communication is being provided to all students, with instructions on home isolation. Students will be contacted individually.

There are approximately 470 students and 250 who are on scholarship. The government is not certain of how many in this group will be returning. This has also been affected by a possible cancellation of the Sunday flight of British Airways which is yet to be confirmed.

Students self-isolating for14-days impacts families, who will be required to self isolate as well. 

In instances where members of the family will not be able to self isolate, students will be accommodated in hotels and will be transported there free of charge. This is a service provided to young adults and not minors who will be required to self isolate with parents.

In the event of minors being required to self-isolate at home, where there is an essential worker in the family, the essential worker will be provided accommodations in a hotel.

Three hotels on-island have been provided for this service. Local hotels have offered to do this at no profit, but merely recuperation of costs.

Each hotel will be provided for a different category of self-isolation; e.g., there will be one hotel for essential workers who are not sick.

A stay at one of these hotels is not mandatory but provides an opportunity for families to protect themselves at no risk or cost. If students or essential workers have another suitable alternative, then these can be used as well.

The premier referred to this public-private partnership as a “real step forward.

Those who wish to take advantage of these accommodations should call the NEOC at 1-800-534-6555.

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