Thursday 6 August, 2020

A message of gratitude from a 15-year-old girl #givethankscayman

In Cayman we have designated today as a day in which we should be grateful for our blessings, but this is an attitude that we must carry with us each day of our lives. Be thankful for everything that impacts you because there are no failures, only lessons. 

Each day that we have been given on this earth we should feel a sensation of gratitude, acknowledging the privilege we have to live this life. Sometimes we forget to notice the lifestyle that we have been gifted such as being able to live on this beautiful island we call home, where we have human rights, safety and warm summer breezes year round. We must never forget what we have been given.

In our daily lives, there are little things that we take for granted that we should give thanks for, whether it is the roof over our heads or the subtle kindness of a stranger. Without gratitude there is no true sense of character; even if we aren’t complaining, a lack of gratitude breeds discontent with what we already possess.

It takes a strong sense of entitlement to believe that it demands a great occurrence or a positive development for us to suddenly be grateful.

It is actually the smaller things that we should appreciate the most, in order for us to reap the true rewards of the major events of our lives. 

Each day we should consciously and subconsciously appreciate what we already have in our lives - our family, our friends, our ability to positively affect someone else’s life. With gratitude comes a sense of appreciation, unconditional love towards our neighbours and with these, a happier and healthier existence. There is always something in your life to be grateful for, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

So go and embrace those in your life with your love, let whomever it is who has shown you kindness in one way or another know that you appreciate them, and never fail to remember that there is always something to be thankful for.


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