Monday 21 September, 2020

Most common surnames in the Caribbean

There is a saying that the one thing you have in this world which no one can take from you is your good name.  

Many of us share the same surname with other people in this world and you would be surprised to learn what is the most common last name in specific Caribbean countries.  

The following information was compiled by NetCredit which, in order to determine the most common name in every country, analysed data from genealogy portal and other sources.  

Antigua and Barbuda  

The most common last name in this country is Joseph. According to Forebears, Joseph is also the most commonly occurring name in Saint Lucia where 0.41 percent are found and Dominica where 0.15 percent are found with the surname. Notably in Haiti, the last name Joseph is carried by 521,600 people.  



The most common last name in this country is Clarke, which according to Forebears is derived from the official title, “the clerk,” the clergyman in holy orders. While Clarke is found most frequently in England, it is the most widely held last name in Barbados.  



Rolle is the most common surname in the Bahamas which according to Forebears, is probably derived from the name of an ancestor, “the son of Rowland.” Forty-four percent of Bahamians carry the last name Rolle, with the name occurring in 69 other countries.  



The most commonly held surname in Belize is Martinez where 0.05 percent are found with the name. Forebears note the surname Martinez is carried by more people in Mexico than any other country.  



Ebanks is listed as Cayman's most common surname. How many do you know??



The most common surname in Cuba is Rodriguez where about six percent of the population carries the name. Forebears also mentioned that Rodriguez is the most widespread surname in the Dominican Republic where three percent live.  



Charles is the most widespread surname in Grenada where 0.41 percent reside. The last name Charles, according to Forebears, is also found in Tanzania, more than any other country.  



If you were paying attention earlier, you would remember reading that the surname Joseph is carried by over 500,000 Haitians. However, according to Forebears, the most common surname in Haiti is Jean, where it is carried by 668,437 citizens or 1 in 16 people.  



Brown is the most frequently appearing last name in Jamaica, where three percent live with the surname. Forebears say it is also the most common last name in the United States where it is borne by 1.7 million people.  


Saint Kitts and Nevis/Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 

In these two Caribbean countries, the most common surname is Williams. The last name, according to Forebears, is also widespread in the Turks and Caicos Islands where 0.07 percent are found and the US Virgin Islands where 0.05 percent are found with the name.


Trinidad and Tobago 

Mohammed is the most common surname in Trinidad and Tobago where 0.43 percent reside. Forebears say it is the most common last name in Nigeria and exists in 186 countries.  


And in case you were wondering, the most common surname in the world is Wang. According to Forebears approximately 107 million people bear this surname, with it being most prevalent in China, Taiwan, and the United States.  




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