Friday 7 August, 2020

Mother says 'thank you' for a stranger's CaymanKind

Tamsin Deasey and her two kids, Riva (age 6) and Rafferty (20-months)

Tamsin Deasey and her two kids, Riva (age 6) and Rafferty (20-months)

Have you ever been helped by a complete stranger? Has anyone ever gone way beyond what they would typically be expected to do in a particular situation... where their kind actions left a permanent impact on your life?

This was the experience of Cayman mother, Tamsin Deasey this past weekend. Deasey was finishing up her grocery shopping only to be confronted by a thunderstorm, a full cart of groceries and two impatient young children (ages 1 and 6-years-old) who were ready to go home.

"I got caught in the storm at the exit of Fosters with a trolley full of shopping, a screaming toddler and a six-year-old that was being more of a hindrance than a help," laughed Deasey. "After 45 minutes of trying to stop my son from struggling and crying, a very kind lady obviously saw my predicament."

That kind lady was Helen Ramnarine.

Upon exiting the grocery store, Ramnarine observed how Deasey was struggling and returned inside to buy two umbrellas. She gave Deasey one with which to shelter herself and her children, while she pushed the mother's trolley to her car through the storm.

"She helped me to get the kids away safely and then gave me the umbrella," recalled Deasey. 

Ramnarine then hurried off through the storm without leaving her name. It was through Facebook that Deasey was eventually able to find the good samaritan and reach out to her to express her thanks.

"It was an amazing, unprompted act of kindness from a complete stranger and I had to thank her," said the emotional mother.

Loop News was able to track down the humble do-gooder who had no interest in having her image published or issuing more than a short response to the outpouring of love from those who got word of her kindness.

"This is 'wow' moment for me as it was something I did from my heart," said Ramnarine. "I was truly happy to help Tamsin and her beautiful children and I’m touched and appreciate all the kind words from her and so many people. So unexpected!"

Deasey said: "She was so kind it was the most amazingly thoughtful thing to do. Not only did she help, but she also spent her own money on someone she had never met. A really kind lady. This is an act of kindness that will literally stay with me forever." 

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