Saturday 22 February, 2020

No evidence of dengue in Cayman say health officials

With an increased number of dengue cases in the Caribbean and neighboring island nations, officials from the Department of Public Health in an update on Friday noted that so far there were no confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne illness on the island.  

Since issuing an advisory about dengue on January 8, the Department of Public Health said that it had conducted a total of nineteen investigations into suspected dengue cases.

Officials noted that thirteen results had been received with no positive results for dengue or other related illnesses such as chikungunya and zika respectively.

Six results remain outstanding.

Officials are expected to provide updates on a monthly basis until the outbreak is over, increasing the frequency as required by the situation.

Most people recover from dengue without any complications, using pain relievers and bed rest. Once a patient has developed a fever, the infectious period lasts for one week only.

Dengue symptoms include:

•           Severe frontal headache

•           Joint pain

•           Pain behind the eyes

•           Muscle and or bone pain

•           A rash (sometimes) may be visible two to five days after the onset of fever

•           Nausea or vomiting (sometimes)

Signs of bleeding (such as: pinpoint red or purple spots on the skin, nosebleed,

bleeding gums, blood in urine or stool, or vaginal bleeding) are seen in a severe form of dengue fever, known as dengue haemorrhagic fever, severe dengue or dengue shock syndrome

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