Monday 26 October, 2020

Our favourite Caymanian National Heroes Day family devotions

Grace Azelda & Orville Alphaeus Powery

Grace Azelda & Orville Alphaeus Powery

In Cayman, where family values are strong, there are a variety of family types but what holds constant is the strong bonds that hold families together.

Caymanian families work together in different ways to surround one another with support and across our three islands, roots run deep.

Many Caymanians have indicated that on this National Heroes Day, their spouses, children, parents and grandparents should be recognized as the biggest heroes of their lives.

Said Miranda Delisa Gayle, of her father, “he was my father, my best friend, my hero.”

Said Joy Basdeo, “My mother, Francine Jackson, was one of the petitioners for Women’s Sufferage, ran for the Legislative Assembly, started and ran her own successful business for 30+ years and is loved and respected by all who know her.”

Megan Carroll Emanuel said of her husband Matt, “In my eyes he is my true hero! So giving so generous and the hardest working man I know! He is an excellent provider and just all around great guy!! I would be remiss if I didn’t send this message about him!! My daughter has an auto immune disease and he is just incredible  with everything we have gone they since diagnosis! He is certainly a hero in my kids eyes as well as mine!!”

According to Cathrine Welds, "Definitely my mother for believing in me, supporting me and raising me the way she did and for the sacrifices she made for me growing up and for putting up with my adventures and love of helping others even when it required me going to other countries, in jungles, or on the other side of the world. She's the best mother anyone could have."

Said, Athena Sara Robinson, “My grandparents, Estella Robinson from Cayman Brac, known as Miss Melly who worked for years in the rest home in Cayman Brac until she couldn't work anymore and a devoted Christian and member of Calvary Baptist Church and my Grandfather Caswell Robinson who served in the war.”

And in a poignant dedication to her parents, Velma Powery-Hewitt shared that despite the fact that neither Grace Azelda nor Orville Alphaeus Powery had schooling beyond 13 years, nor political influence nor did they seek fame or fortune— they raised and cared for six children, two of whom were special-needs and buried a stillborn son and daughter. The heroic couple worked hard and bought land and built their own home, they cared for their parents and neighbors and they gave without expecting in return.

Said Powery-Hewitt, “Daddy went turtling at fourteen years and to sea with Southwell at twenty-three years. When he stopped going to sea he did barbering, worked in construction and at the Holiday Inn. Mama was a seamstress— a trade she learned from her Mother, and then she stood for 35 years as a dishwasher at the Holiday Inn. They never stole a dollar. They never engaged in illegal activity to care for and raise their family! They lived honest, simple & humble lives! They're now sleeping waiting on their Saviour. THEY ARE MY HEROES! Loved & fondly remembered.”

This is the true fabric of Cayman-style heroism.

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