Monday 25 May, 2020

Police Commissioner recommending continuation of hard lockdown

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne is advising the government to extend the hard curfew that is in place between 7 pm and 5 am every day - beyond the period for which it was originally put in place.

The previous government order for a hard curfew is currently scheduled to come to an end this Friday, April 3. It is highly likely that it will be extended beyond this date.

The Premier has indicated that there are too many cars on the road and it is not practical to move the daytime soft curfew to a hard curfew, so he is urging the public to be more compliant.

In general, there has been compliance with the hard curfew that has been put in place. Last night, four people in Cayman Brac were stopped and none were found to be in breach of curfew.

In Grand Cayman, 131 cars were stopped. Three were found to be in breach of curfew and there was one arrest made due to predicate offences. 

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