Friday 23 August, 2019

Police issue warning about uncovered cisterns after dogs rescued in We

District Commander of West Bay Inspector Marriott on Thursday urged residents to cover cisterns as they could be harmful to both people and animals.

The warning comes as on Tuesday, a member of the public called the West Bay Police Station to inform police that two dogs were stranded in a well in the Shores area of West Bay.

The dogs were recovered after one officer used a ladder to descend into a well, while another helped pull the dogs out using ropes with a member of the public. 

The dogs immediately ran off when they were set down on the ground. 

“When we were finally able to get the dogs out, you could tell that they were in distress” PC Dadal, one of the officers who rescued the dogs said.

 “They were shaking because they were soaked in neck deep water and covered in mud. I’m just glad that we were able to get to them in time,” added Dadal.

 Upon returning to the station, the officers learned that a woman had visited the station to post flyers of her two lost dogs who had not been seen since Saturday night, 16 February. 

Officers confirmed that the dogs in the photos were those that had been in the well, and within a few minutes the owner called the station to advise that both dogs had returned home.

 “We have identified that, though the dogs did stray unto someone’s private property, having a cistern uncovered poses a danger to not just animals but to people,” said District Commander of West Bay Inspector Marriott

“We have organised with the owners of the property to have the cistern covered and we implore dog owners to keep their dogs secured,” added Marriott.

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