Thursday 9 April, 2020

Police make several DUI arrests over the Christmas period

The Traffic & Roads Policing Unit’s intensified road enforcement operations resulted in several DUI arrests over the Christmas period. 

Three persons were arrested for DUI on Christmas Day, with two of those persons having a blood alcohol content of over .200% (or twice the legal limit).

The RCIPS encourages the public to continue to stay safe during the rest of the holiday season, especially on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, by following these tips:

1. Do not to drink and drive; instead, utilize the Purple Ribbon bus system or appoint a sober designated driver. Visit the National Drug Council for more information.

2. Do not to use your cell phones whilst driving. Pull off the road when it safe to do so, to make your call or texts.

3. Ensure that you are driving within the speed limits and if there is rainy weather, adjust your speed accordingly (reduce speed by 10 miles to compensate for the slick roadway), to avoid having a collision.

4. Look out for roadblocks and traffic stops and slow down as soon as they are in your sights. Come to a complete stop when you arrive at the traffic stop.

5. Be vigilant and attentive whilst driving. Don’t get distracted by passengers or electronic devices in the vehicle.

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