Thursday 13 August, 2020

Police warn drivers after 7 DUI arrests in one weekend

Seven people were arrested last weekend alone on suspicion of DUI as a result of ongoing traffic enforcement efforts.

Two of the persons arrested had a blood alcohol content of over twice the legal limit, and all of those arrested, if convicted, face the prospect of losing their license for at least a year.

Five of the arrests followed large events on Saturday night, April 6, as drivers were stopped and breathalyzed after having left the events.

Acting Inspector Everton Spence, who oversees the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit, stressed that these drivers could have avoided being arrested if they had simply planned ahead.

“It is essential to make arrangements when attending events where you expect to be drinking,” said Inspector Spence.

“If you are unable to co-ordinate with others attending the event in order to arrange a designated driver, taxis are also available. Our anti-drunk driving enforcement efforts are ongoing and consistent. So every time you choose to drink without taking the simple step of making a plan for your transportation, you not only run the risk of causing a collision, but of losing your license for a year.”

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