Saturday 26 September, 2020

Premier finally opens up about assault allegations against Bush

Days after an incident at a local establishment which resulted in assault allegations directed at the Speaker of the House, the Premier has “opened up” about the matter, specifying that there will be “consequences.”

The Premier, who is currently on official business in the UK, has indicated that the Speaker would be traveling there to address the “unfortunate” matter with him.

His exact words were as follows:

“I want briefly to address the statement that was issued by the Speaker of the House yesterday. Before I do that, I wish to express my deep regret and that of the Government at this most unfortunate incident and to extend our support to the lady that has suffered injury and distress as a result. She deserves our support. I want her to know that everyone in the Government wishes her a speedy recovery.

“I appreciate the candour of the Speaker’s statement and his recognition that he has problems with which he needs to deal. Therefore, the most important immediate issue is for the Speaker to seek the treatment that he references in his statement. I and all in my Government will do all we can to help in his efforts to access appropriate professional help at this time.

“I also recognise that the incident that occurred over the weekend will have consequences. The police investigation is under way and I have confidence in them to carry that out thoroughly and effectively. I am currently in London and the Speaker will arrive here tomorrow. I will be sitting down with him to discuss his statement and the efforts to deal with his problems and to talk about the actions that need to be taken as a consequence of the incident itself.”

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