Monday 21 September, 2020

A quinntessential hero

Image Source: Quinn McCrimmon's Instagram Page; Photo Credit: Antoine Powell; Follow on instagram @artist_antoinepowell

Image Source: Quinn McCrimmon's Instagram Page; Photo Credit: Antoine Powell; Follow on instagram @artist_antoinepowell

Quinn McCrimmon, owner of Quinntessential Movement doesn’t even know she’s going to be the subject of an article for Cayman’s National Heroes Day. In fact, she’s probably reading this at around the same time as you.

“The art of love is largely the art of persistence,” reads a quote on the studio owner’s Instagram feed; and based on what people say about her, it is clear that this is a mantra by which she abides.

“She is simply amazing beyond words. She has listened through struggles, wiped tears and constantly encourages me and so many more people,” says Natasha Gemmell.

McCrimmon established the first Pole and Aerial Studio in Cayman, with a diverse offering that also includes flexibility, yoga, chair dance, conditioning and stretch and workshops, with the goal of getting fit while having fun. It is evident that social support, acceptance and love are the cornerstones of her practice.

In her quest to become a ballerina, the professional dancer was classically trained from the age of 3 years old. It is no surprise then, that she is also able to connect with little girls who come to her popular dance classes.

“I swear my 7-year-old has gained some confidence since joining Quinntessential Movement!” exclaims Megan Carroll Emanuel.

“I’m so pleased the studio has become a place to learn and grow physically and mentally, but also to make friends and work towards events where we get to share all our hard work!” says McCrimmon in an Instagram post. The university-trained and highly credentialed dancer not only talks the talk, but she also dances the dance.

According to Skipper Whitney, “She inspires so many women, brings together what can only be called a family, or women who come to better themselves and those around them. I know I'm not the only one who has her to thank for creating a space safe from judgement, a place to come and just be who you are, dance, laugh, find support. It's more than just a studio. She has created this amazing place where we all feel loved and welcomed just how we are.”

Someone who helps to make others feel safe— how heroic is that?

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