Wednesday 25 November, 2020

R3 Cayman Foundation launches survey for grant funds

R3 Cayman Foundation is finalising its grant application process and is requesting that organisations and/or individuals seeking funding complete a short survey outlining the type of assistance or services they provide in disaster preparedness, relief or recovery in the Cayman Islands.

Registered as a non-profit organisation last month, R3 was established to support and strengthen Cayman’s response in the event of a natural or man-made crisis.

The survey is designed to help staff develop a more complete understanding of the needs of the local community and identify where R3’s resources can best add value, not just in response to COVID-19, but also in preparing for future disasters.

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“Since launching last month, our goal has been to define how the funds that are available to us should be allocated to best add value and have the most positive impact on our community,” said Bryan Hunter, Chairman of R3’s board of directors.

“We have established three committees focused on each phase of the disaster cycle – Readiness, Relief and Recovery – to agree the areas of focus, collaborate with others already working in the field and set up a robust application process that avoids duplication and maximises efficiency and impact.

"We cannot do this without first understanding what type of assistance is needed most, what support services are currently being providing by others in the community and where we can help fill any gaps.”

With nearly $2 million pledged by the private sector to date, R3 will be making a number of grants this month to support COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts in the Cayman Islands.

As the region is now in the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, R3 is also looking at grants related to readiness to be announced at a later date.

“While the immediate need is to help alleviate the devastating economic impact COVID-19 is having on many in our community, R3 is also looking further ahead to increase the country’s preparedness for the next potential disaster and a longer-term sustainable future.

"We encourage any individuals or groups who would be open to collaborating with R3 in the areas of disaster readiness, relief or recovery, to complete the survey,” said Mr. Hunter. “Our decision-making will be guided by the information we receive.”

The current deadline to complete the survey is Monday June 8. To complete the survey, please visit

To make a donation, or to find out more about R3 Cayman, please email

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