Thursday 21 June, 2018

RCIPS sound the alarm after counterfeit money found in circulation

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) are urging the public to exercise caution after $895 in counterfeit notes were found in circulation.

In total, $5 in counterfeit CI currency has been found, in addition to $890 USD.

The police further shared tips on determining legitimate US and CI notes. 

United States of America Currency Check Rules

1.    Compare suspicious note to a genuine note

2.    Check for genuine security features

a.    Red / blue security fibers

b.    Security Thread

c.    Color-Shifting ink

d.    Portrait Watermark (USD)


Cayman Islands Currency Check Rules


1.    Queen’s Head - Every CI Currency note has a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, shown from the shoulder up.  This is printed only on the front of the note.

2.    Serial Number -Every CI currency note has a unique serial number printed in black in the top left and bottom right on the front of the note.

3.    Watermark - Every CI currency note has a watermark in the shape of a turtle, visible when held up to the light.  The watermark is located to the left of the front of the note.   The ‘C’ series have the word ‘CIMA’ as part of the watermark above the turtle.

4.    Embedded Thread- In most CI currency note a thin black vertical line is visible when the note is held up to the light.

5.    Silver Window Thread –   On the front of all notes in the ‘C’ series there is a reflective silver thread running in a straight line, in and out of the note in a straight line.

The thread is imprinted with the words ‘Cayman Islands’


In the event that you do come across these notes, it is suggested that you follow the below:


1.    Do not return suspicious banknote to passer

2.    Observe description and other identifiers of the passer

3.    Contact the Police at 949-4222

4.    Write initials on the corner of the note

5.    Avoid touching the note as much as possible

6.    Place the note into an envelope

7.    Hand the banknote over to the Police


Anyone with information about this counterfeit currency is encouraged to call George Town Police Station .