Wednesday 21 October, 2020

"Serious conversation" to be had about moving back to hard curfew

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne has warned that there is a very "serious conversation" that needs to be had around the safety of the community-- which includes the potential of moving back to a hard curfew.

This was said in response to the various breaches of the curfew that are currently taking place with the move back to a soft curfew as of 5.01 am this morning.

According to Police Commissioner Byrne, there is too much movement within the community.

There are extra uniform patrols around supermarkets. It is imperative for everyone to comply with social distancing measures. The queues at the supermarkets have been too long.

Other breaches of the soft curfew include the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Large bulk buying in liquor stores
  • Congregating outside of liquor stores drinking
  • Sunbathing on beaches
  • Pop up businesses on the side of the road

There is an excessive amount of cars on the road. One vehicle reader has recorded 15,000 trips with 10,000 of them being unique vehicles.

If there is non-compliance there is the possibility of moving back to a hard curfew. No arrests have been made for these behaviours as yet. Breach of the rules can result in a $3000 fine and a year or more in prison.

“There are just some businesses that refuse to shut,” said the Premier.

Dr Lee advised that breaches should be dealt with more severely.

"We don't know how long we are going to have to be in this particular state," said the Premier.

The statistics from breaches of last night's hard curfew are as follows:

Little Cayman: no issues

Cayman Brac: 71 vehicles stopped with 2 warned for prosecution and one very serious assault on a woman. The suspect was transported to Grand Cayman and is being held.

Grand Cayman: 66 vehicles were stopped with 5 warned for prosecution

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