Saturday 24 October, 2020

Speaker of house issues an apology but still limited word from MLAs

Speaker of the house, McKeeva Bush has issued an apology surrounding the alleged assault on a woman that took place over the weekend.

In his apology he claims to not recall the circumstances of the night, stating that he fell and was assisted by a number of individuals but was told he “reacted badly to the very persons surrounding” him and assisting him.

The Speaker of the house goes on to refer to the psychological impact of his daughter’s passing several years ago, stating that “this incident has brought home to me the result of my failures to seek professional help.”

So far, the only MLA who has come out and made a statement in response to the alleged assault has been Ezzard Miller, the representative for North Side and former opposition leader, who has stated “I am disappointed and saddened by the events reported in the media over the weekend and by the subsequent statement by the Speaker, the Hon. McKeeva Bush.”

As reported yesterday, this has sparked a significant response across social media, in which the hashtag #sheissupported was being used to convey support for the alleged victim.

Some of the Facebook comments made before Miller's statement were as follows:

“I'm astonished that NONE of our MLAs have said a word of this. Their position on violence against women is noted. I will not forget.”

“…disgusting that none of the 18 representatives have asked for his resignation. It’s politics as usual.”

“The silence of the Elected ones are defining, but what would they do if it were their Wife, Mother, Sister or Daughter.”

In his statement, Ezzard Miller calls for the resignation of the Speaker of the House, stating as follows:

“… when such unfortunate sets of circumstances beset a holder of a position at such austere and august levels as head of the legislative branch of the Cayman Islands Government, placing him third in the order of precedence after the Governor, serious concerns are inescapable about continuing reputational damage to the Cayman Islands locally and internationally.

I consequently suggest that it is in the best interest of both Mr Bush and the people of the Cayman Islands that Mr Bush resigns from the role of Speaker forthwith or that the necessary action be taken to remove him from office.”

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