Thursday 21 June, 2018

Spike in crime in Bodden Town - RCIPS

Google Maps Image of Bodden Town.

Google Maps Image of Bodden Town.

The Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) is reporting a steady increase in burglaries on Grand Cayman for the month of May.

With more than half of the reports of burglary having occurred in Bodden Town. 

In response to the spike in the area, Commissioner of Police, Derek Byrne, plans to host a community meeting in Bodden Town to discuss policing concerns with residents.

“Burglaries have been climbing steadily this year, and the spike in Bodden Town is a concern,” said Detective Superintendent, Pete Lansdown.

“We have dedicated more officers to the Eastern Districts to combat this trend, and detectives are being reassigned from George Town to the district this week.  We clearly have some serial burglars at work in the area and are following up on some concrete enquiries to make arrests,” he added.

According to police, the smashing of windows, forcing doors open and making holes through ceilings have been the general modes of entry for commercial properties.

As for residential properties, unlocked doors and windows, and forced doors and windows, have been the modes of entry.

The police further revealed that, many cases of residential burglaries and especially for those in Bodden Town, the property stolen has been small and portable, such as video games and equipment, X-boxes, purses, car keys (with cars subsequently taken and later recovered) small quantities of cash, and alcohol and food. 

As of last week, several thefts of motor vehicles occurred and have been linked to the burglaries. 

Police further note that theft from several parked cars have also been reported.

"We have had reports where car keys were stolen and used to steal a vehicle, which has turned up a day or two later, sometimes with damage,” said  Det. Superintendent Lansdown.

 “Many of the burglaries seem very opportunistic, with culprits entering through unlocked doors and windows to steal food and alcohol. This could be motivated by drug and alcohol abuse. Most of the burglaries, especially those in Bodden Town, don’t appear to be planned with any of the sophistication that would be needed to remove large appliances or break open safes,”he added.

The burglaries have been largely residential and occurring during the daytime, when residents are at work, some have also taken place on commercial premises, mostly at night.

RCIPS are urging residents to reinforce or replace old locks on windows and doors, and secure items such as car keys and purses in the home away from open windows or doors.

They have also stressed that residents utilise neighbourhood officers at Bodden Town Police Station, who  can  assist residents with a crime prevention review of their homes.

“In recent weeks three new neighbourhood watches have begun in George Town, and we’d like to repeat this in Bodden Town, to add to the active ones we already have,” said Rudi Gordon, Neighborhood Inspector for the Eastern Districts.

“Neighbourhood watches are a great way for residents to empower themselves and funnel more information to us that we need to stop crime,”added Gordon

There are three active neighbourhood watch programmes in the Bodden Town area, namely in Northward, Corolla Drive, and North Sound Estates.  Those residents who would like to enquire about these programmes or start their own, or are seeking any crime prevention advice, are encouraged to call the Bodden Town Police Station to speak with neighbourhood officers.