Sunday 24 May, 2020

Starbucks Joint Opens In Cayman

A large group congregating in patient anticipation for Starbucks to open its doors.

A large group congregating in patient anticipation for Starbucks to open its doors.

Caymanians have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of coffee franchise, Starbucks, for quite some time and as of today the wait is over. Although there has been some controversy surrounding the island’s “new addition” it appears from the turn out at the grand opening that Starbucks may not have any trouble reeling in customers.

It was announced a while back that local business, Café del Sol, that formerly occupied the Camana Bay location of Starbucks, was being replaced. There was uproar from many Caymanians regarding the new chain infiltrating the island’s economy, especially given its encroachment on the territory of a smaller, local business that had been there for a decade. Many responded to the backlash with optimism, arguing that Starbucks would provide a new set of jobs for locals and perhaps a bit of good competition between the coffee joints. 

This morning at the grand opening, reusable coffee cups were being sold for $3 KYD/ $3.60 USD, in order to avoid the use of plastic. We were also happy to see that the new chain is displaying beautiful artwork by a local artist, Tansy Maki.

Unlike most Starbucks locations, calorie counts were not publicly displayed and some of the more trendy Starbucks menu items such as “Pink Drink” and “Nitro Cold-Brew” were not listed on the menu. Local employees have responded that these items are not being offered as yet, implying that they may be coming at a later date. We wait in anticipation.

Altogether, it is very exciting to have a large chain such as Starbucks open on our little island. The chain reports that this is to be the first out of four locations to be opened in Cayman over the next 3 years.

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