Wednesday 12 August, 2020

These three friends are going to get torch'd for the Cayman Food Bank

Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer, a culinary entrepreneur, journalist, and founder of award-winning Bird Bakery; Gabriella Khalil, the Founder and Creative Director of Palm Heights - Grand Cayman; and Tami Maines, philanthropist and clean beauty advocate will team up with celebrity trainer Isaac “Boots” Calpito to host a virtual Torch’d workout fundraiser "One Palm x Torch'd" to benefit the Cayman Food Bank and the Conscious Kid Fund.

Chambers-Hammer, Khalil and Maines each has a special relationship with the Cayman Islands.

Chambers-Hammer, who resides in Los Angeles is married to actor, Armie Hammer, who lived in the Cayman Islands as a child. The couple and their two children frequently vacation here. Khalil, who resides in London, is the Founder of Palm Heights - Grand Cayman, a unique beach estate with the glamorous soul of a 70s Caribbean villa. Maines, who resides in New York, is a breast cancer survivor and an avid philanthropist. She spends her time between the Hamptons, Cayman Islands and Upstate New York with her husband, David, and has business interests in Cayman.

The three friends all found themselves in Cayman on March 22 when borders were closed and decided to make the best of their extended time away from home.

"It's so nice to slow down the pace of life and get back in touch with what's real," said Khalil of getting to experience the lockdown in paradise.

The three ladies decided that they could make good use of their time in Cayman by giving back to the community. They began to research which charities were active in Cayman and could make a more significant impact during this time if they had added funding.

"We were surprised that there were not many fundraisers on-island to support those who were unemployed or experiencing financial hardship," said Maines.

"We chose the Cayman Food Bank because we were hearing about the surprising number of families that were struggling to make ends meet," said Chambers-Hammer. "The organization's operating costs are up to $8000 per month and currently only has funding through to mid-July. Funds raised will ensure the food bank can continue to feed families in the community who are hardest hit by COVID-19."

The three friends are all avid supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and also wanted to raise funds that would have a positive impact from the perspective of education and healthy attitudes to diversity from an early age. After conducting a significant amount of research, they decided to make a donation to the Conscious Kid which, through its Anti-Racism Children’s Book Fund, is dedicated to developing healthy racial identities for children across the US and is promoting inclusion for marginalized groups.

The team conducted socially distanced discussions with the management of the Food Bank and the Conscious Kid and set to work on an initiative to benefit the two not-for-profits. They also met with a number of corporate entities and managed to raise $45,000 towards the two causes.

The Torch’d workout, which will take place on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 11 am EST on Instagram Live with @isaacboots, is a flow of body resistance, dance conditioning and targeted repetition to transform the body. 

While Isaac Boots leads the Torch'd workout, Elizabeth, Gabriella and Tami will be following on live stream from the property of Palm Heights Hotel. Loop will also be at Palm Heights, streaming the action via Facebook Live. Viewers can tune in on Loop Cayman's Facebook page from 10.30 am as Daphne Ewing-Chow interviews the three friends and their supporters while capturing all of the live-action and sampling drinks that were created by Palm Heights bartenders specifically for the event.

All who are able, are asked to make a donation of any amount at to help vulnerable families in Cayman during COVID-19 and to aid in the production and distribution of children's books that help to build positive racial identities, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Open Palm is a charitable initiative set up by Palm Heights Grand Cayman to support environmental initiatives, mitigate hunger, provide coronavirus-related aid and to help youth organizations. For more information or to donate, visit:

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Donations will be accepted for 3 months beginning Saturday, June 20

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