Saturday 31 October, 2020

Three more petitions call for reviews of July 2020 CSEC, CAPE papers

Photo caption: Screengrab from the CXC's inaccurate CAPE results petition page on

Photo caption: Screengrab from the CXC's inaccurate CAPE results petition page on

Overnight three more petitions were started to demand a review of grades by CXC after yesterday's release of the July 2020 Examination results.

The three new petitions each call for reviews of specific papers.

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Issuing an appeal with regard to CAPE exams in particular was Shin Askuka. With an original target of 5,000 signatures surpassed by 8 am, at 11 am some 5,786 persons had signed this petition entitled 'CXC's inaccurate CAPE results'. The revised target is now 7,500 signatures.

Another petition 'CXC's inaccurate CSEC results' created by Yagami ligh and which has a goal of 100 signatures is demanding "As a result of the dissatisfactory grades obtained from this years CSEC examinations , we would like to request that CXC remark the CSEC 2020 exams due to students receiving marks that did not seem to match their SBA grades. Students who usually excel in exam received grades ranging from 3-6 whilst student who where expecting to fail were allocated passing grades of 1s and 2s. School also revived ungraded in whole subject fields despite submitting SBAs an IAs and the students writing the exams. We want to advocate for accurate allocation of grades as well fair grading across the region. Please share and spread the world so that our cries for justice can be heard."

As of 11 am, it had amassed 84 signatures. 

Students in Guyana, more specifically the Business students are making sure that their voices are heard with their own petition as well. They are not merely calling for a review but are demanding a 'Remarking and revaluating of CSEC Grades' or reevaluating of the marks. With a target of 200 signatures, the creator Antonio Alex Ramcharran wrote:

Due to the recent release of the Caribbean Secondary Examination Council grades release, we the students are calling for a remarking and revaluating of the grades obtained in Guyana mainly by the Business Students. The grades awarded are completely unacceptable and we demand our correct grades to be assigned.

The school-based assessment would have carried a minimum of 20% of the final grade and the paper 1 of 30% we demand to know where the remaining 50% were tested from and how we achieved those grades 

We will continue to fight for our respective grades until our voices are heard.

Sincerely Students of Guyana

As of 11am that had garnered 118 signatures.

This year, due to COVID-19, the CXC July 2020 Examinations took a modified approach and the dates were pushed back because of the fluid nature of COVID-19 and as the cases per member country changed on a daily basis.

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