Wednesday 2 December, 2020

The Top 5 Most Instagramable Spots in the Cayman Islands

In our Instagram-obsessed culture, the golden hour is overused, bikini pics are been-there-done-that and the classic morning cappuccino snapshot has gotten stale. The epidemic of social media imagery has taken over the way we see the world. Queue some modern-day insecurities— is it a nice-enough sunset, or is this the perfect golden hour selfie-opportunity?

LOOP Cayman to the rescue! Here are five perfect settings that take you away from the Instagram cliché.

1. Countryside Shopping Centre

We bet you wouldn’t expect to find a photogenic spot to up your Insta-game over at Countryside Shopping Centre in Savannah. Yet, there are many! The beauty about this spot is the simplicity of the scenery. Although the area offers a multitude of simple cement and wooden walls, check out the aesthetic juxtaposition of our model against them. These shots speak character. Whether you’re aiming for something goofy or would prefer a serious pose, this location does it all.

2. The Dart Tunnel

The dark lighting and dramatic landscape of this pedestrian-friendly tunnel makes it the perfect location for a dramatic photo opportunity. The cars zooming by and the striking edginess of the atmosphere makes for a breathtaking photograph with the photo subject leaning against the wall.

3. West Bay Swamp

Down in the swamps of West Bay resides a particularly intriguing landscape. With the dark effect of a wasteland, this shot appears to be in the middle of nowhere, almost isolated from civilization. Where this spot differentiates itself from other sites is that it could be anywhere; in the tropics of the Caribbean or in barren grounds off in some foreign nation. This location gives an air of mystery that will grab the attention of your followers.

4. Prospect Point

Hidden away, just off of the Prospect Point roundabout, there is a dirt path leading to a mysterious body of water, with a tree hanging just over the water’s edge. It is truly an idyllic sight as the sun goes down. There is no way to ruin this shot, as the scenery has so much personality and is naturally gorgeous without being cliché. 

5. Flip-Flop Tree

Cayman’s flip-flop tree is a landmark and our most cliché seection. Sitting on the coast of South Sound, an assortment of flip-flops, sneakers, and flippers have been nailed here, making it a well-known photo-opp. Despite the potential eye-roll, it’s still an incredible shot, and as the shoe trend was created to raise awareness for pollution, your post can also have a meaningful message.


Whether you have run out of new ideas for venues or you just want to shake up your feed, these are our five fave spots for your next post. Go ahead and send us some of your own selections and who knows, we might share them on our page!


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