Sunday 31 May, 2020

Trouble brewing inside OfReg? Board confirms meeting minutes leak

Think that leakers only exist inside Donald Trump’s White House?  Think again.

It turns out that the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) has a few leakers of its own.

The multi-sector regulator of the Cayman Islands made the revelation on Thursday after information outlined in a recent meeting of its board made its way into the public domain.

A local media house, which publicized the story, noted that at least one member of the board was calling for the removal of the board’s chairman Linford Pierson; and further alleges that a violent threat was made.

While Loop Cayman cannot confirm or deny what exactly took place at the board meeting which was held sometime in August, OfReg confirmed the leak and described the discussions at the meeting as “heated”.

While the leaked meeting minutes seemed to describe some trouble brewing within the board, OfReg in issuing a statement about the matter noted that issues raised were later resolved “amicably and responsibly”.

The statement further revealed that the board’s Chairman had sought legal advice in relation to putting himself forward for the CEO position and was advised that there is no breach of the Anti-Corruption Law.

“The Chairman, Dr. the Hon. Linford Pierson, OBE, JP would like to state for the record that he sought legal advice in relation to putting himself forward for the CEO position and was advised that there is no breach of the Anti-Corruption Law,” read the statement.

According to OfReg, the recruitment process for a qualified CEO is a high priority for the entity and until there is a successful candidate, the Acting CEOs will be supported by the board and the staff.

OfReg is the independent regulator for the electricity, information and communications technology, water, wastewater and fuels sectors in the Cayman Islands.

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