Monday 19 October, 2020

Verified signatures for Cruise Port Referendum Petition surpassed

The Elections Office has announced it has surpassed the minimum number of verified signatures it needed on the Cruise Port Referendum Petition.

Elections Office staff have received 5,305 Cruise Port Referendum Petition Signature Verification forms from registered voters, exceeding the 5,292 signatures needed to satisfy section 70 of the Cayman Islands Constitutional Order 2009.

During the verification process, the Elections Office used the Verification Form Process which asks those who have signed the petition to complete an affidavit. These forms were signed in the presence of Elections Office staff or submitted with accompanying supporting documentation from voters who were overseas at the time.

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This approach allowed the verification process to be distributed to multiple verifiers and made it more efficient.

Included in the verification form total of 5,305 are a number of forms received in advance of their signatures being forwarded by the Cruise Port Referendum organisers. Over the coming days, the Elections Office will complete the final checks on the remaining signature forms and prepare a formal report for Cabinet.

The Supervisor of Elections and the senior team at the Elections Office extended a thank you to the public and the team of elections support staff for their efforts in completing the verification exercise with professionalism and dedication.

The Elections Office will no longer be open on Saturdays and will return to its regular office hours of 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, starting September 16.

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