Thursday 1 October, 2020

WATCH: Cayman couple holds engagement party via Zoom

by Emelina Montoya

Cayman couple, Taiba and Logan spent 6 months planning their engagement party. It’s an experience that so many look forward to, an experience that can take months of planning and provide memories that last a lifetime.

Taiba, originally from India, broke the news to her parents about the engagement party from last year November. Flights, hotels, and venues were booked in India where they planned to celebrate among family and friends and travel to Russia and Kazakhstan afterwards to celebrate the beginning of their exciting journey in private.

But as the coronavirus spread throughout the world, borders were shut, and people became confined to their own homes, the upcoming celebration seemed more and more unlikely to happen. The young lovers tried to keep their faith but the unthinkable happened: Logan’s visa for India was suspended on the same day they received their printed invitation cards.

To complicate matters further, the couple had received their centre stone in a box but still had ring settings in New York.

Then, Cayman went into lockdown and the couple were forced to get cosy in their home. Amidst all the chaos, Taiba and Logan came to a realization: 

“The one thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that you have to live now. You cannot wait for tomorrow!”

With a determination to each other and their loved ones, the couple created a digital invitation using the video-conferencing tool, Zoom just days later. They tidied their living room, where the camera would be set, walked in and out of the closet searching for the perfect dress and suit, and applied the best makeup and shave they could do on themselves. They were expecting a relaxed digital event, with family and friends saying hi from their bedrooms but they were in for a much more beautiful surprise.

Fifty family and friends from India, the UK, Luxembourg, the West and East Coast States all showed up to the Zoom event dressed in bow ties and fancy clothes, make up, and hands filled with champagne and wine glasses. Toasts were given and the couple said it felt as close to the real thing as it could’ve been. Their jaws hurt from smiling, bellies hurt from laughing, as folks all around were celebrating from their own homes and countries.

It was an engagement party neither of them could foresee, but in some respects, this unique experience is one they surely will never forget.

Emelina Montoya is a Communications and Media Studies graduate student from Carleton University.  She is a current contributor for Loop Cayman and has a passion for business, ethics, media, journalism, and political science. To follow her recent works, connect with her on LinkedIn at Emelina Montoya.

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