Saturday 24 October, 2020

Watch: ‘Matilda the Musical’ was Tony-worthy

“I am sure you will be blown away by the magic of Roald Dahl and the production you are about to see,” remarked Director of Matilda the Musical, Sarah McKinnon-Scott. 

And she did not disappoint.

Adapted from Roald Dahl’s 1988 book and the Tony Award-winning musical from the Royal Shakespeare company, Matilda tells the story of a young girl, Matilda Wormwood (Rio Windsor) who is unwanted and unloved by her parents (Jhevere Harris and Liam Walton) and is subjected to the sadism of her headmistress, Mrs Trunchbull (Melody Allenger).

Matilda ultimately finds her liberation through books and her relationship with her teachers, Miss Honey (Arianna Anglin) and Miss Phelps (Justine Rhule).

The pint-sized heroine delivered a profound and heart wrenching performance, evoking emotion in both the young and the old in the audience. Matilda ultimately stands up to the bullies in her life and discovers that she possesses super powers. The cast did a superb job telling this feel-good tale of empowerment and overcoming odds.

The musical talent behind the production cannot be overlooked. Not only were the children’s vocal talents at an extremely high standard but the live orchestra, lead by Musical Director, Simon Donaghue, was absolutely phenomenal.

It is hard to believe that St. Ignatius’ school play, with an all-student cast could have been of such a professional standard. The children were absolutely irresistible with their beautiful voices and on-point choreography, thrilling the audience with both comedy and emotion.

Matilda the Musical took place between November 14-16 at St Ignatius School.

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