Wednesday 25 November, 2020

WATCH: Prowler making night time visits to homes in Prospect

See CCTV footage below of the prowler

See CCTV footage below of the prowler

Residents of the Prospect area are being warned to be on the lookout for prowler or prowlers operating in the area at night.

At least one person has been caught on camera recently surveying a parked car and in other CCTV recordings.

Based on a surveillance video in circulation, a prowler was seen entering the garage of a home in Prospect. The prowler rode a bicycle on to the property and checked a vehicle that was parked there, before leaving on said bicycle. The prowler’s activity was not deterred despite the outdoor motion detection lights turning on.

At least one person has reported the theft of car parts in the area. “My wheels, my tires, my headrests and more [were stolen]. My windows were smashed,” one anonymous person said.

Another resident on Woodstock reported hearing a car door open and closing in their family garage; however, there were no reports of anything missing, as the vehicle that was entered was an empty old truck. The other cars in the garage were locked.

The police have committed to beefing up nightly patrols in the area.

If you have any information about the prowler operating in the area, please contact the police.

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