Monday 28 September, 2020

Welcome back Sundays! Here's what Caymanians can and can't do today

Today we gratefully and enthusiastically welcome a facet of life that we once took very much for granted - the ability to leave home on Sundays.

There are of course still limitations on what you can and cannot do today, May 17.

Here is a reminder:

✅ Drive to pick-up meals 6am-7pm
✅ Go to a pharmacy 6am-7pm
✅ Attend virtual church services
✅ Exercise on foot, by car or bicycle from your home for 1.5 hours 5:15 am-7 pm
✅ "Move" to avoid the risk of injury or death
✅ "Move" to comply with court-ordered or formal child custody arrangements


⛔ Access to the beach, shoreline, and in-water activities is not allowed on Sunday (or until Tuesday 19 May)
⛔ Social gatherings are not allowed with people from outside the household, even on private property
⛔ Avoid unnecessary journeys
⛔ You cannot go to mini-marts or other convenience stores on Sunday

The public is reminded that a hard curfew remains in place between the hours of 8 pm and 5 am every day.

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