Thursday 3 December, 2020

Why Do Countries Need Heroes?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There are the made for TV ones that come with hi-tech weaponry and special skills and the real-life ones who we hear about in the news.  Traditional heroes risk their lives to save total strangers from fires and from the path of fast-moving trains.  Then there are the unsung heroes such as our parents who face the odds to ensure that we have food on the table each and every day.

Today we celebrate heroes of the Cayman Islands.

But why do we need national heroes and why do we celebrate them each year? Here are five reasons why every country needs national heroes.

To Elevate Moral

Individually and collectively we all need motivation at some point in our lives.  A country can experience social, political or financially turbulent times. During these times a striking figure or figures who symbolize hope and prosperity can be the difference in how citizens of a country feel about themselves in crisis.

To Create A Common Bond Among Citizens

Citizens of a country can be different in a variety of ways including race, religion and socio-economic status. National heroes usually represent the collective ideals of a country thus providing commonality among citizens.

To Create Transformation

National heroes provide a constant guiding light to what a country’s citizens should aspire to be. Heroes at some point were pivotal to a crisis or issue in their county and provide a blueprint to how we should approach these issues if we should face them again.

To Encourage Optimism

Heroes fill us with reverence, admiration and awe. These feelings, in turn, make us want to emulate our heroes and give us the belief that anything is possible and to encourage us to be a better version of ourselves.

For Social Identity

National Heroes embody the values of a country. As they become role models they reinforce those values most esteemed by a country.

To Inspire more Heroes

Stories about national heroes are often passed from generation to generation. Oral traditions are inspiring and provide legacy and legend for the next generation to aspire to be.

As we reflect on our national heroes and the heroes we will honour today, let us all remember that we all have the potential to become everyday heroes—people who stand up for justice and love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves.

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