Friday 23 August, 2019

Worrying upsurge in ferocious dog attacks in Cayman

Cayman Police responded to four dog attacks this weekend alone, sparking fears of a worrying upsurge in incidents.

Officers responded to three attacks last Friday alone, two of which were in George Town and one in Bodden Town. On Sunday, a report was received in West Bay. In all instances, the dogs involved were confirmed not to be strays.

In two of these reports, dogs roamed from their owners' homes and attacked dogs on other properties. Meanwhile, another case saw a dog reportedly bite a passerby through the window of a car, causing minor injury which resulted in a hospital visit.

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Dog owners in two of the incidents have been located and warned; in one case, parties involved were in discussion regarding compensation. Referrals were also made to the Department of Agriculture for all reports.

“Often owners are shocked to learn that their dogs have attacked other dogs or bitten someone,” said Brian Crichlow, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture.

“But what must be remembered is that your dog may behave quite differently around others than how it behaves with you. Don’t put other people or dogs at risk by allowing your dog to roam freely about the neighbourhood; you are responsible under the law.”

Police and DoA Animal Welfare officers are continuing their joint neighbourhood walk-throughs this week to distribute educational material and also enforce the law.

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