Wednesday 8 July, 2020

Yardie in Cayman: Money Heist is Netflix's answer to lockdown boredom

When I began watching Money Heist I had a pretty stocked pantry of snacks and a face that was freshly shaved. By the last episode of part one, I had a full beard, leg cramps and a pantry that looked like it was a part of its own heist. Apparently I sat in front of my TV for three days straight only moving for food and breaking the world record for the quickest shower-a-grown-man-can-take-while-watching-an-addictive-Netflix-series.

Money Heist might just be what the doctor recommended for stopping our brain cells from wasting away during coronavirus lockdown. Although this Netflix series is Spanish made it is sure to find a loyal Caribbean audience. Action, romance, drama, suspense and daring escapes are all here.

Money Heist is undoubtedly the love child of Ocean’s Eleven and the long-running daytime soap Days Of Our Lives.

Set in nowadays Spain, the first scene begins when the “Professor” stops a young woman from walking into a trap. Earning her trust, the woman reveals that she is just the latest recruit in what the professor calls the robbery of the century. Seven other recruits, each with their own unique skill set, would soon follow and participate in a months-long training in a classroom setting to prepare for the heist.

Each recruit takes the name of a city to conceal their identity and acknowledges that their lives will be forever changed.

With the stage set to storm the Royal Mint of Spain, the Professor’s meticulous planning and unparalleled ability to anticipate every move of the police is what carries Money Heist to glory.  Every little detail is covered by the film’s genius and nothing is as it seems. The story within a story concept works extremely well.  Every robber has a story, every hostage has a story and these stories collide brilliantly. The director’s plan to leave us wanting more after each episode works like a charm from the moment the professor seduces the lead investigator at the end of the first episode.

Already with a global following, the best way I would describe Money Heist is the experience of meeting an interesting stranger on a high-speed train and having a conversation so good that you keep missing your stop. Get on this train at your own risk, no kids are allowed-- due to foul language and strong sexual content-- but be prepared to forego lockdown spring cleaning and showers.

Don’t forget to pack your snacks.

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