Five great gadgets to make travel easier

Sand in your swimsuit? Facing a hefty bill for excess baggage? Or are you covered in mozzie bites? Travel website Skyscanner has come up with a list of hi-tech gadgets and items to ease some of those ...

May 15, 2018

Could Google write your emails for you?

Emails can take up a lot of time and, depending on what you are doing, get pretty repetitive. But Google is launching a new feature it believes will speed up the process, by automatically suggesting a...

May 09, 2018

Facebook sets out what content it forbids

Facebook has for the first time published a detailed explanation of the kind of content it does and does not permit on its site. The social media giant has in the past shared brief “community stand...

April 24, 2018
World News

Uber self-driving car kills US woman

Uber says it has suspended all of its self-driving testing after one of its vehicles struck and killed a woman in a suburb of the US city of Phoenix, in what is thought to be the first fatal crash inv...

March 19, 2018
World News