The Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee, reports 385 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this was last reported on Thursday, September 17. One was positive. There are 4 asymptomatic COVID-...

Non-profit, Colours Cayman, hasbeenaddressingsome of the increasingly prevalent misconceptions and hateful rhetoricdirected at the LGBTQIA+ community. Many groups and individuals have articulatedafear of "recruitment"into a "homosexual lifestyle,"particularly among children. The most recent attacks emerged in response a recent Colours Cayman Gender & Sexuality Workshop designed to educate teens, adolescents, teachers, parents and guardians on the sensitive subjects of gender identity, sexual orientation and mental health. As part of Colour's Cayman's"Colour Me Loved" workshop series, the workshop was created to encourage a sense of inclusivity and sensitivity among young people, regardless of sexual orientation, addressing the fact that "a lack of knowledge on these subjects and awareness of their importance has statistically been shown to contribute to the prevalence of mental illness, bullying, abuse and suicide internationally, particularly among LGBTQIA+ youth." Billie "Bee" Bryan, Founder of Colours Cayman released a statement, stressingthat "our organisation’s mission is to foster safe and comfortable social and professional environments for everyone in the Cayman Islands, with our primary focus being on the LGBTQIA+ community. Weadvocate for LGBTQIA+ rights as human rights and promote the inclusion and equality of LGBTQIA+ people in the Cayman Islands." Bryan explained that Colours Cayman has been hosting educational workshops for years, "that aredesigned to educate our youth, teachers, parents and guardians on the sensitive subjects of gender identity, sexual orientation and mental health. Open and honest discussion surrounding these subjects is woefully lacking across the region, even throughout our educational system and as such, we endeavour to provide our youth and those working directly with our youth the opportunity to attend our workshops or to bring them into the classroom." "False accusations of LGBTQIA+ communities championing anything that clearly violates human rights are commonplace worldwide and members of our organisation have been met with them numerous times in the past. While we will always deny these false allegations and resist attempts to liken education surrounding gender and sexuality to child abuse or worse, likewise, we will always defend the inalienableright of children to be properly educated.Any comments made about our members or our organisation that have been misconstrued or are wholly false are not representative of how we operate or what we stand for.Of course, to the extent thatanystatement made by our members or our organisation has been misinterpreted, we unreservedly apologise for any lack of clarity on our behalf."

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee, reports 133 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this was last reported on Wednesday, September 16. All were negative. There are still 3 asymptomatic COVID-19 positive visitors in isolation, leaving 204 positives recovered and one that passed away- 208 positives in total. The total number of people in isolation, either at a government facility or in their homes as required by the Medical Officer of Health, is 180. 37,425 tests have been conducted to date in the Cayman Islands.

Allison Nolan, Athena’s Managing Directo

Athena International Management Limited (“Athena”) is thrilled to be awarded HFM Global’s US Services Award for “Best Offshore Governance Firm.” These prestigious annual awards recognise excellence amongst US hedge fund service providers across the globe and are rigorously judged by an independent panel of executives at leading US investment funds. This category is the inaugural award for these highly-acclaimed industry accolades which are now in their eleventh year of celebration. Commenting on the win, announced today at HFM Global’s US Leadership Forum, Allison Nolan, Athena’s Managing Director, said, “In an industry where women are significantly underrepresented, we are extremely honoured that Athena, an all-female founded and all-female led directorship firm, is the first to receive this inaugural award that recognises our exceptional innovation and high-quality service to the alternative investment funds community.” Founded in 2005, Athena was the pioneer of boutique governance firms in the Cayman Islands, offering professional and truly independent directors to the alternative investment funds industry. This year marked the firm’s 15-year anniversary in providing propriety best-in-class governance solutions to its leading international client base, and the firm demonstrated their commitment to the jurisdiction by unveiling a brand-new logo and website in the first quarter. “This award is a testament to our continued innovation and drive to develop new solutions for our industry,” said Nolan. “Like many, we’ve had to adapt our service offering based on these challenging times and the ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape, and we are proud of our value-add professional services and industry-wide sound practices delivered by our team of experienced independent directors.” Nolan is a frequent speaker at industry events, and is a champion for increasing diversity and inclusion within the hedge funds industry, particularly gender diversity on the board of directors of alternative fund structures. She is an active member of 100 Women in Finance and sits on the Alternative Investment Management Association’s Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. She recently spoke on ways hedge fund managers can promote gender diversity within the industry at this year’s HFM Global Leadership Forum and is writing a book on the subject of female directors and how women are transforming the hedge fund industry, which has been approved for publishing by Forbes in 2021.

Minister Joseph Hew at the opening of the Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development

During the pandemic and going forward, entrepreneurs and micro and small business owners who require support in navigating the financial and operational challenges resulting from the pandemic have and will be receiving support from the Cayman IslandsCentre for Business Development which is being operated under the leadership ofthe Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure. As Cayman turns another corner in its suppression and recovery, the needs of the micro and small business sector have also changed. On Wednesday September 9,Joey Hew, Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure addressed the nation on the facilities and services that are being provided to this critical business sector in Cayman. These are as follows. Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development (CICBD), which held its official opening ceremony on September 1, has been supporting businesses during COVID with advocacy, counselling, increased access to finance and training and advice on topics such as managing cash flow, business impact analysis, business continuity, loan applications and social media marketing. It is located at Baytown Plaza, on West Bay Road, with offices for business advisors, training room, and a residential business incubator that will house up to twelve (12) start-ups for a period of up to two years,free of charge to them. Minister Hew has indicated that the CICBD can can play a significant role insupporting small business as Cayman builds back its economy during the pandemic. Contact the Centre at 244-8009 or via emailCICBD@gov.kyfor more information. Walk-ins are welcome. Micro and small grant programme The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development, under the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, began accepting applications for grants and low-interest loansto the micro and small business sector in April of this year. The Centre has been coordinating Government’s support in the amount of$14 millionwhich was allocated to the micro and small grant programme, low-interest loan programme as well as technical assistance and training programmes. Thenon-repayable grant assistance is intended for micro and small businesses that have a viable market but need financial and business development assistance to successfully navigate the new business environment and isintended to stimulate economic activity among small businesses. At the close of phase I of themicro and small grant programmein August1, 528applications were received. The value of grants approved for payment is$3,468,000. The total value of government’s commitment stands at$4,353,000. To date,82applications have been received for thelow-interestloanprogramme. Nineteen have so far been approved with a total value of$695,000. A further 33 applications are currently at the approval stage, with a total value$1,112,000. As Caymanmoves towards a post-COVID stage, the Centre will use the remaining micro and small business grant programme funds for a medium-term economic package that will benefit a minimum of 300 businesses. The new phase of support will cover: ·Wages; ·Digital Enablement; ·Commercial Rent Assistance; ·Business Process Innovation Grants; and ·Customised Business Continuity Plans. Micro businesses will be able to access packages, not exceeding$10,000while small business may access packages up to$20,000. There are eligibility requirements to access these support packages. Small business owners are encouraged to contact the Centre at 244-8009 or via emailCICBD@gov.kyfor more information. Liquor Licence Businesses In an effort to temporarily reduce the amount of fees incurred by businesses, Cabinet has granted approval for: the waiver of liquor licensing fees in the Sister Islands for September 2020; the waiver of the liquor licensing fees in Grand Cayman for September 2021 for licence holders whose fees were paid as of August 31st2020.

Travellers who enter the Cayman Islands as of October 1will be required to wear theiMSafe geofencing and monitoring device for the duration of an initial14-day quarantinein the Cayman Islands, once they opt for in-residence quarantine. This process is being managed byDrTasha Ebanks Garcia. Upon entry, the sample group of test programme participants (29 from 12 households) that arrived on British Airways received PCR swab tests at the airport. All of the PCR swabs for the test programme participants that were conducted yesterday were negative. These participants will receive testing on day 15 again. The participants were provided with information packs with important information required for quarantining including information on sourcing food, supplies and pharmaceuticals. They also received a first aid kit and thermometers and information to support them with their mental health. The iMSafe wrist band that they were provided with is hypoallergenic. The smart wristband associates the traveler to a custom app on a smart phone. Taxis delivered the participants to their quarantine locations with no stops. In the future, the travel management system is likely to be managed by personnel from Cayman Airways who are not currently working on a full time basis. Going forward, as borders open in October, if a visitor is found positive, they will remain at home but will have their health managed by the public health team. There is a difference between the surveillance/ monitoringteam and the public health team. The surveillance team manages the dashboard and the public health team manages the administration of the PCR tests and the health of positive COVID-19 cases. Law enforcement alerts will be managed by the RCIPS, 9-1-1. This will occur where there is a breach of the geofence. All other cases will be managed by the mobile monitoring team. Customs and Border Control will be managing thisprocess and eight staff members will be involved with due diligence checking and spot checks/ random visits. One passenger who had made it onto the British Airways flight yesterday but had never been approved by Travel Time was sent back to the United Kingdom.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee, reports 385 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this was last reported on Thursday, September 17. One was positive. There are 4 asymptomatic COVID-19 positive visitors in isolation, leaving 204 positives recovered and one that passed away- 209 positives in total. 37,677 tests have been conducted to date in the Cayman Islands.