Screengrab of a video showing a group of men attempting to capture a crocodile.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has reiterated itscall for members of the public to exercise extreme caution in areas close to swamps, rivers, gullies and other known crocodile habitats, as the animals are likely to be displaced during heavy rains. It comes as a video circulates online of a man being injured whiletrying to capture a crocodile ina local community, the exact location of which has not yet been confirmed. The nearly thirty-second long video shows several men attempting to collar a small crocodile before the reptile bites one of them. The reaction of the crocodilefrightened onlookers including the female who captured the footage, who repeatedly shouts "Jesus Christ!" after the attack. The incident servesas another reminder whatcan happen when persons provoke crocodiles, one of Jamaica's protected species. NEPA In a release said it is urging the public to report crocodile sightings by calling the Agency at 876-754-7540 or toll-free 888-991-5005. Individuals may also call 119 or make a report to the nearest police station. The public is being reminded not to provoke crocodiles, as these sensitive creatures may become defensive if cornered or attacked. There has been heavy rainfall and floodingacross the island over the past several days.

Screengrab of Bishop Clyde Harvey speaking during his conversations with the Bishop in Grenada.

A popular Roman Catholic leader from the Caribbean hassought to clarifypope Francis’ comment on same-sex civil unions. The pope’s comment was aired inthedocumentary‘Francesco’ at the Rome Film Festivalrecently. Francis said gay people have the right to be in a family since they are “children of God”. “You can’t kick someone out of a family, nor make their life miserable for this,” the pope said. “What we have to have is a civil union law; that way they are legally covered.” But Bishop Clyde Harvey from the Roman Catholic Diocese in St George’s Grenada believesthe publicneeds to read carefully what was said by thepope. “The pope is not saying yes to homosexual marriage. He is not saying that homosexuals have a right to go before the altar and get married. He is not saying that.” Read the full story here

Dorothy Scott

Walkers and Walkers Professional Services (WPS) are pleased to announce that Caymanian partner Dorothy Scott has been appointed to the role of Managing Director of Compliance & Regulatory Services at WPS. WPS is a provider of corporate, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and fiduciary services to corporate and institutional clients across global financial centres. The business works in tandem with Walkers law firm to offer clients an integrated approach to providing high quality and cost-effective legal and professional services. In her new role, Dorothy leads a team of compliance and regulation experts, who provide tailored services to clients globally. These services include outsourced anti-money laundering compliance and money laundering reporting officer roles, client identification, verification and remediation services, AML audit services, regulatory inspection and general compliance support and in-house training. Prior to joining WPS, Dorothy was a partner in Walkers' Global Investment Funds Group, where she practiced for 17 years and specialised in the formation of investment funds with a particular niche in advising distressed hedge funds and counselling emerging and start-up managers on establishing offshore products. During her time at the firm, Dorothy worked with a broad range of highly regarded investment managers, private equity sponsors, trustees and family offices, as well as emerging and start-up managers. Cayman Managing Partner, Tim Buckley, stated, "It has been fantastic to see Dorothy's accomplishments and progression at Walkers over the years lead to this new and dynamic role with WPS. It speaks volumes about her capabilities and skillset, which will only serve to enhance our integrated service offering. The strength of the team at WPS and its ability to attract and retain the best talent is indicative of its outstanding reputation in the market." Dorothy's lengthy career with Walkers commenced when the firm sponsored her in 1999 to study Anthropology and Law at the London School of Economics. She then completed her articles and became an associate at Walkers, working her way through the ranks, before becoming a partner in 2014. She has also mentored numerous young Caymanian lawyers over the years. Dorothy commented, "Walkers has thoroughly prepared me for this next stage of my career and I am delighted to be joining WPS. The rapid global expansion of the business is testament to its best in class talent, technology and focus on client service. Transitioning to this role provides me with the unique opportunity to do what I frequently counselled my clients to do while I was at the law firm – build a scalable business and create new career opportunities for highly competent and ambitious teams." In addition to her accomplishments at Walkers, Dorothy is a frequent speaker at industry events and a member of several boards and associations, including the Cayman Islands' Human Rights Commission. She is also the Chairperson of the National Drug Council of the Cayman Islands.

Baker & Partners Founding Partner, Stephen Baker

Jersey-founded offshore dispute resolution firm Baker & Partners is opening an office in the Cayman Islands and has recruited Robert Jones, a well-known veteran lawyer in Cayman to manage it. According to Founding Partner, Stephen Baker, Baker & Partners has been involved in "matters across the Caribbean for many years,” making the most recent expansion move a natural next step. Robert Jones, who will serve as managing director, has practised in Cayman for the past 22 years and chairs the Cayman Islands Labour Tribunal and the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants (CIIPA). Jones was called to the Cayman Bar in 1998, where he practiced and became partner with a local firm, before establishing his own dispute resolution office in 2012. A commercial litigator, Jones has substantial experience in the field of dispute resolution and appears before the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal and its Grand Court Financial Services Division and Civil Division. Since 2003, Baker & Partners has been involved in complex and high value commercial and trust litigation in Jersey. The firm operates out of offices based in Jersey, London and Cayman.

It was reported today that there are 645 people in isolation, either at a government facility or in their homes, as required by the Medical Officer Health. Travel Cayman is monitoring the individuals who are in home isolation. Among these are 20 people who are still active carriers of the virus. One of the active cases has been hospitalized at the Health Services Authority and requires the support of a ventilator. 218 confirmed positive cases have fully recovered and there are 239 cases that have tested positive to date. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee, reports that 344 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this was last reported on Tuesday, October 27. All were negative. 46,399 tests have been conducted to date. The inpatient at the Health Services Authority continues to require the support of a ventilator. The total number of people in isolation, either at a government facility or in their homes as required by the Medical Officer of Health, is 645.

Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson

On October 26, in the house, Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson presented on the progress of Travel Cayman, since assuming responsibilities for logistics and monitoring of inbound travel and quarantine in Grand Cayman. In his presentation, Mr Manderson explained that the October 1 transfer in responsibilities from Travel Time to Travel Cayman "did not go smoothly". The Travel Cayman programme includes monitoring and compliance, accommodation inspections, government accommodations and COVID-19 PCR testing. Two sub divisions of the team are The Travel Cayman Travel Management Team which manages inbound quarantine arrangements and the Travel Cayman Monitoring and Compliance team who manage the travellers quarantine arrangements once they have arrived in Grand Cayman. "With an overwhelming number of travel bookings and applications, as well as monitoring, the Travel Cayman team was overwhelmed once the borders were opened," he said. On October 1, at the beginning of the phased reopening, 110 people arrived to Cayman on 6 flights and went into quarantine at 72 different homes. Staff worked 12-hour shifts and made 95 house visits during a 14-day period. Staff at the monitoring centre were also required to make calls. The size of the team had to quickly be increased from under 10 individuals to 22 individuals to conduct home monitoring. On October 10, Premier Alden McLaughlin advised all prospective travellers to the Cayman Islands that inbound travel was at capacity for the month of October and no further applications would be accepted. Government had previously announced that a maximum of 800 travellers would be allowed to enter the Cayman Islands during the month of October. "Mr Speaker, the transfer of Traveltime [Travel Time] to Caymantravel [Travel Cayman] on the 1st of October did not go smoothly," he said in the house. "The number of travellers who wished to return home using the new policy of home isolation overwhelmed the Caymantravel [Travel Cayman] team." Mr Manderson assured the house that a number of remedial mechanisms had been put in place including a new online application system, that would help to overcome the challenges faced in the beginning of the month. "Mr Speaker, I have said it before and I will say it again the Civil Service aims to provide an exemplary service to our customers when we do not achieve that goal - we will not make excuses – we will not bury our head in the sand and hope that the problem goes away. We redouble our efforts and resolve the problem. Mr Speaker from the information provided I do hope that you will agree that we have effectively solved the problem," he said.