The Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGOUK) recently facilitated tours for a London visit by Kristina Ebanks and Asia Bush. The two students won an essay competition organised by Gir...

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said Carnival 2020 will go down as the country’s safest in history with only two violent offences being recorded during the two-day festival. Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)Jayson Forde said that for the Carnival period from Monday morningto Tuesday night, there were only eight violent crimes recorded, compared to 12violent crimes in 2019. In 2018, 24 violent crimes were recorded. The eight violent crimes were as follows: Two wounding with intent Three larceny One illegal possession of a firearm One motor vehicle larceny One malicious damage valuing over $500 “2020 Carnival will go down with being the safest ever with just eight violent crimes being committed. To those officers that came and went above and beyond the call of duty…I want to say thanks for being part of an epic event. For those who did not come out, you missed being a part of history.” He said even the criminal element cooperated as the number of arrests were reduced this year. The TTPS recorded a total of 45arrests on Carnival Monday and just one on Tuesday. Forde said he was proud to see female masqueraders walking through the streets safely. “It filled my heart to see the throngs of people walking the streets and expressed that they felt safe…and who were planning to bring larger numbers next year to Carnival." “I went out on the roadways and I felt so proud. I saw females in the skimpiest of clothing walking in darkened areas and they had no concern about being attacked. That telegraphed that they felt a level of safety that might be unprecedented. It felt to me that as a country if we have a particular goal we can achieve it.” He added that campers and beachgoers also reported feeling safe. Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said Carnival’s security measures took several months of careful planning. “Based on reports of serious incidents or the lack of…it seems that everyone saw the positives…as it pertains to safety and security for Carnival.” Griffith slams naysayers Police Commissioner Gary Griffith also criticised naysayers who questioned the use of assault weapons by the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) while on the judging stages. Others compared their appearance with that of the Special Branch, which did not use assault weapons. Griffith said: “Special Branch is a covert unit, they wear plain clothes because they’re involved in a different type of policing (for) national security.” Griffith said, by contrast, elite units such as SORT are highly visible and are meant to deter criminals, referring to gangs who were detained by officers near the Roxy Roundabout after they were caught trying to rob patrons. “Had SORT not been where they were, there could have been bloodshed. By doing that, the elements scattered and ran into a task force unit.” “I think anyone who has a concern with that either has to be a criminal or just downright ignorant and not understanding law enforcement.” He said groups of boys aged around 13 and 14 tried to disrupt Carnival by robbing people of chains and mobile phones and urged parents to look after their children. “Where were these parents…these guardians? At 13 you’re stealing chains. At 14, you may start robbing people and stabbing. At 16, when you get killed in a shootout with police, then parents will say ‘they too wicked’.” Griffith: Return to base after dark Griffith also urged Carnival band leaders to get close to their bases by 7.00 pm on Carnival Tuesday due to unsavoury elements trying to infiltrate the band. “For example at 8pm on Carnival Tuesday, YUMA still had 13 trucks all along the avenue. It was a disaster. Likewise, another large band decided to head to St James around 7pm. I would strongly recommend…you have it (Las Lap) enclosed to make sure you have the safety of your masqueraders as priority,” he said. He said he was bombarded with reports by Woodbrook residents who were subjected to 96 hours of loud music and asked band leaders to consider this as well. He said: “It is very dangerous…in this modern time that is not something we should entertain.” adding that at night-time much damage could take place. Griffith thanked citizens for their patience in understanding the security restrictions during the Carnival period. “When we reach a situation that the biggest incident…is an elbow wrestling competition between Iwer George (and Kenneth Petty) then we’ve reached a level (of safety).” He said the use of high-tech drones were present and able to track activities throughout the capital as well as GPS tracking of all bands. Griffith said all these measures brought a high level of safety for masqueraders. He thanked all officers and stakeholders for taking part and ensuring the safest Carnival to date.

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Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said officers should not allow masqueraders to wine on them during Carnival, adding that people have also tried to wine on him but he refused. Speaking at Thursday’s police briefing at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) headquarters in Port of Spain, Griffith commented on a viral video of three women wining on a police officer on a motorcycle during Carnival celebrations. He acknowledged that some people also tried to wine on him but said that behaviour should not be allowed. “Do not wine on police officers. Many tried; I’m a good-looking guy, many people tried to wine on me. But it is a simple case of you moving away or just touching the person (to say) I’m sorry, you can’t.” (Photo: Griffith with wife Nicole Dyer-Griffith during Carnival.) “When I see a police officer on a motorbike having three women wine on him and damaging the motorbike. That police officer condoned that and that is indiscipline and not the type of professionalism I expect from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service by any officer.” Griffith also commented on requests by the public for the TTPS to enact the same type of security throughout the year, to which he said it was not practical. Griffith also said officers were caught escorting private vehicles from a Chaguaramas party without permission, and that they would also be disciplined. "We were involved in hot pursuit and intercepted vehicles and when we looked at the reports the vehicles they were escorting hada long criminal record." He said however that this was just a handful out of thousands of officers who gave the force a bad name. He added that officers who did not report for duty would be questioned: “Each and every police officer who was absent from duty will meet me personally and explain why they abandoned their post, and they would be disciplined.”

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Two university students and a teacher were due to appear before an Arima Magistrate on Monday morning on allegations of marijuana possession after marijuana-infused brownies and cookies were seized. The trio was held around7.30 pm on Saturday along Farfan Street, Arima, for selling the sweet treats which werespiked with the illegal substance. According to police reports, a team of officers led by Sgt Mascall and including Cpl Gentle, PC Strachan, and WPC Caruth, all under the supervision of Sup Brandon John, received intelligence which led them to the Farfan Street, where the three were detained and searched. The officers found and seized several of the food items which had been packaged and prepared for sale/distribution. They also seized small quantities of marijuana which would be used in the preparation of the edibles. As a result, they were all detained and taken into custody. More on this as it becomes available.

A 25-year-old Jamaican national is warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, after he was chopped by his neighbour on Monday. The incident took place around 2pm along Griffith Trace, Las Lomas. The victim and his co-tenant, who is also a Jamaican national, got into a confrontation during which the man was chopped. He suffered chop wounds to both hands as he attempted to defend himself. The injured man was rushed for medical treatment. He remained warded up to this morning. Police are searching for the suspect. Cpl Cato is continuing inquiries.

The price of oil surged Friday as global investors were gripped with uncertainty over the potential repercussions after the United States killed Iran's top general. News that Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran's elite Quds Force, was killed in an air attack at the Baghdad international airport prompted expectations of Iranian retaliation against USand Israeli targets. In previous flare-ups in tensions with the US, Iran has threatened the supply of oil that travels from the Persian Gulf to the rest of the world. About 20% of oil traded worldwide goes through the Strait of Hormuz, where the shipping lane is only 3 kilometres (2 miles) wide and tankers have come under attack this year. The international benchmark for crude oil jumped 4.1%, or $2.70, to $68.95 a barrel in London trading. "Revenge will come, maybe not overnight but it will come and until then we need to increase the geopolitical risk premium," said Olivier Jakob, head of consultancy Petromatrix, in a note to investors. He noted that Iran's response may not be limited to the Strait of Hormuz. In September, Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched drone attacks on the world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia. The strike briefly took out about half of the supplies from the world's largest oil exporter. The USdirectly blamed Iran, which denied any involvement. Launching attacks that can't be easily linked back to Iran limits the chances of direct retaliation. But Iran has also directly targeted tankers. This year it seized a British-flagged tanker, the Stena Impero, for several weeks. And it has shot down a USmilitary drone. About 80% of the crude oil that goes through the Strait of Hormuz goes to countries in Asia, including China, Japan, India and South Korea. But the rise in the global price of oil will affect other countries more widely, particularly oil-importing countries with big manufacturing sectors like Germany and Italy. Those countries fared worst in the stock market on Friday, with their main indexes falling 1.4% and 1.1% respectively.

This Oct. 22, 2013, file photo shows Serena Williams of the US keeping her eyes the ball. Williams has been voted the AP Female Athlete of the Decade for 2010 to 2019. Williams won 12 of her professional-era record 23 Grand Slam singles titles over the past 10 years. No other woman won more than three in that span. (AP Photo/File)

Serena Williams dominated the decade, on the court and in conversation. There were, to begin with, the dozen Grand Slam single titles — no other woman had more than three over the past 10 seasons — and the 3 1/2 years in a row at No. 1 in the WTA rankings. And then there was the celebrity status that transcended tennis, making everything she did and said newsworthy, whether it was the triumphs and trophies and fashion statements or the disputes with tournament officials, the magazine covers or the Super Bowl ad with a message about women's power, the birth of her daughter or the health scare that followed. Still winning matches and reaching Grand Slam finals into her late 30s, still mattering as much as ever, Williams was selected by The Associated Press as the Female Athlete of the Decade on Saturday after a vote by AP member sports editors and AP beat writers. The AP Male Athlete of the Decade will be announced Sunday. "When the history books are written, it could be that the great Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time. ... I like to call it the 'Serena Superpowers' — that champion's mindset. Irrespective of the adversity and the odds that are facing her, she always believes in herself," said StaceyAllaster, CEO of the WTA from 2009-15 and now chief executive for professional tennis at the U.S. Tennis Association, which runs the U.S. Open. "Whether it was health issues; coming back; having a child; almost dying from that — she has endured it all and she is still in championship form,"Allastersaid. "Her records speak for themselves." Gymnast Simone Biles, the 2019 AP Female Athlete of the Year, finished second to Williams in voting for the decade honor, followed by swimmer Katie Ledecky. Two ski racers were next, with Lindsey Vonn finishing fourth and Mikaela Shiffrin fifth. Three of Williams' five AP Female Athlete of the Year awards came during the last decade, in 2013, 2015 and 2018. She also won in 2002 and 2009. "She's been my idol growing up," Biles said. "She's remained humble. She's stayed true to herself and her character and I think that's really neat about an athlete," Biles said. "Once you start winning, some get cocky, but she's stayed true to herself, win or lose." It's the defeats that seem to drive Williams, helping propel her to heights rarely reached by any athlete in any sport. "Whenever I lose, I get more determined, and it gives me something more to work toward," Williams said in a 2013 interview with the AP. "I don't get complacent, and I realize I need to work harder and I need to do better and I want to do better — or I wouldn't be playing the game." With a best-in-the-game serve, powerful groundstrokes and relentless court coverage, she has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, more than anyone else in her sport's professional era, which began in 1968. More than half came from 2010-19: four at Wimbledon, three apiece at the U.S. Open and Australian Open, two at the French Open. That includes a run of four in a row from the U.S. Open in 2014 through Wimbledon in 2015, her second self-styled "Serena Slam." Williams also was the runner-up another seven times at major tournaments over the past decade, including four of the seven she's entered since returning to the tour after having a baby in 2017. In all, she made the final at 19 of the 33 majors she entered during the decade, a nearly 58% rate. The decade began inauspiciously in 2010, when Williams cut her feet on broken glass at a restaurant and was hospitalized with blood clots in her lungs. Among her many accomplishments, though: — reaching at least one Slam final every year, a streak that dates to 2007; — winning gold medals in singles and doubles (with her sister, Venus) at the 2012 Olympics; — becoming the oldest woman to win a Grand Slam singles trophy in the professional era; — becoming the oldest No. 1 in WTA history and equaling Steffi Graf's record for most consecutive weeks atop the rankings; — leading the tour with 37 singles titles, 11 more than anyone else in the decade. The day she won Wimbledon in 2016, Williams discussed the way she constantly measures herself. "I definitely feel like when I lose, I don't feel as good about myself," she said. "But then I have to, like, remind myself that: 'You are Serena Williams!' You know? Like, 'Are you kidding me?'" Williams continued with a laugh. "And it's those moments that I have to just, like, come off and be like, 'Serena, do you know what you've done? Who you are? What you continue to do, not only in tennis (but also) off the court? Like, you're awesome.'"

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OneCaribbean hotelisamongsixinternational hotelsto be awardedanAAA (American Automobile Association) Five Diamond Awardin 2020. TheMandarin Oriental Canouanin St Vincent and the Grenadineshasbeen placed on the coveted Five Diamondlist which comprises just 119 hotels. This is the first time theVincyhotel has made the cut. The associationstates this exclusive group representsless thanone percentof the nearly 60,000 AAADiamond establishmentsacross the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Stacey Barber, AAA Travel Information and ContentExecutiveDirector said: “AAA Five Diamond hotels and restaurants represent thebest of AAA’s transformed Diamond program. These hotels and restaurants consistently exceed expectations byprovidingtheir guests with highlypersonalised, memorable experiences. They truly represent the upper echelon of thehospitality industry.” (Photo via facebook: Mandarin Oriental Canouan) AAA in its inspection note for the Mandarin Oriental Canouan,described the hotel as being a world-class property, unique for its remote location, offering just 26large suites and 13 villas, as well as a private beach, impressive marble work throughout andleading-edgetechnology and enhancements. To earn the coveted AAA Five Diamond designation, hotels and restaurants must pass a rigorousevaluation that includes unannounced, in-person inspections, anonymous overnight stays for hotels andreview by a panel of experts as an additional step to ensure credibility. Other Caribbean hotels which are currently on the AAA FiveDiamondList include: Sandy Lane Hotel- Barbados- (2003) KimptonSeafireResort and Spa-Cayman Islands - (2017) Tortuga BayPuntacanaResort and Club- Dominican Republic- (2010) Spice Island Beach Resort- Grenada - (2016) Dorado Beach,A Ritz Carlton Reserve- Puerto Rico- (2016) St Regis Bahia Beach Resort– Puerto Rico- (2012) Mandarin Oriental Canouan- St Vincent and the Grenadines- (2019)

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An Italian cruise line, the CostaFavolosa,which was denied entrytocall onTortola inthe British Virgin Islands(BVI)amid coronavirus fears,wasallowed to berth in St Maarten. BVI denied the cruise ship entry after it was reported that a number of persons had flown in from Italyand joined the ship in Guadeloupe within the last six days. The CostaFavolosawill depart St Maarten on February 27 and sail to Fort de France as per scheduleditinerary. In a statement, the company Costa Crociere,gavereassurances that there are neither suspected cases of guests nor crew members with symptoms related to Covid-19onboardCostaFavolosa. As of February 22, given the outbreak of thevirus in a number of different Italian towns, the companysays itdecided to deny boarding to any customers originating from one of the quarantined municipalities. In terms of health on board the CostaFavolosa, it says the ship’s medical staff is monitoring the health of guests and crewmembers, giving the utmost attention to the application of all precautionary measures. Costa Crociere says since the outbreak of the global health emergency the companydecided to further strengthenthe precautionary measuresapplied to all its fleet in order to guarantee the safety of guests and crew. It states all embarking guests, visitors or crew are given a specific screening medical questionnaire to fill in before the cruise experience commences. Anyone boarding their ships is screened and anybody with a body temperature above37.8 degrees Celsius is denied access to the ship. There are also strictsanitisationprotocols and the use of disinfectants onboard its ships effectiveagainst Covid-19. It adds that guests, visitors and crew members of any nationality who have travelled from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau in the 14 days prior to boarding are not allowed to board Costa ships.

CANTO,a trade association that represents 25 CARICOM-based telecom operators and 20 non-CARICOM-based operators who also operate in the Caribbean says it is working with Governments to address reform of roaming rates. In a release, CANTO said itrecognises that the issue of lower roaming rates is key to achieving regional aspirations of a Single ICT Space and takes seriously, the crucial role played by the telecoms industry in the development of our people and region. "CANTO’s membership looks forward to a constructive partnership with CARICOM to reform roaming rates and wishes to assure Heads of Government of our members’ collective commitment to work collaboratively to achieve this shared objective," CANTO said. CANTO said since 2016, CANTO has been working with the Caribbean Telecommunication Union and the ICT agency created by the Heads of CARICOM, on threepolicy issues that will impact the creation of a Single ICT Space. These policy issues are: Reduction of roaming rates, rgulatory harmonisation between Over-the -Top (OTT) providers and traditional providers with respect to the equal payment of taxes and regulatory fees to government, as well as contributions to the development of sustainable infrastructure; and increasing broadband access. CANTO said will continue to participate in the CTU process, it also looks forward to deeper consultation on the requirements for the successful realistion of the Single ICT Space and notes some concerns. One such concern is the inherent difficulty involved in setting a modest, fixed single roaming rate, given the significant differences in underlying costs of operation between CARICOM countries, and the attendant disparities in pricing of services that obtain as a result. Also of concern, is how to treat with single-state operators, such as CANTO members in Suriname, Belize, Guyana, and Trinidad andTobago, given their inability to charge customers a fixed single rate in other CARICOM countries where they do not have networks. CANTO saidmembers are also concerned about the potential for fraud and arbitrage on their networks, and about the continued lack of equity in the treatment of telecomoperators as compared to Over-the-Top players in regional markets. "Notwithstanding these challenges, CANTO is confident that these and other issues can be addressed through careful and deliberate collaboration with CARICOM, and looks forward to partnering with Heads of Government to take the collective decisions necessary to make reform of roaming rates, a reality."

The Cayman Islands continues to make strides to meet the recommendations of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (“CFATF”) made in its mutual evaluation report of the Cayman Islands, which was published in March 2019 (“MER”). The mutual evaluation assessed the jurisdiction’s compliance with the Financial Action Task Force 40 Recommendations relating to countering money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. The MER raised a concern about the potential risks posed by a type of financial institution governed by the Securities Investment Business Law (“SIBL”) that may offer securities investment services, such as portfolio management and brokerage services, to sophisticated and high net worth individuals without obtaining a licencee under that law. While these entities, known as SIBL Excluded Persons (“SIBL-EPs”), were always required to comply with the AML/CFT legislation in the Cayman Islands, they were not subject to comprehensive supervision to ensure that they fulfilled these legal requirements. Of note, the MER stated that the lack of data and information on this sub-sector had not permitted the Cayman Islands to fully assess the risks associated with the activities in that sector. “One of the core requirements of the FATF framework is for countries to know and understand their ML/TF risks and to take measures to mitigate such risks, which is why the lack of risk assessment of this sub-sector was specifically highlighted in the report”, says Attorney General Sam Bulgin. As a result, in 2019, the Cayman Islands conducted an assessment of the money laundering and terrorist financing risks of these SIBL-EPs. CIMA conducted a comprehensive data collection exercise for all SIBL-EPs, requiring information to be provided on 5 risk categories: nature and size of business, customer types, product and services, geographic exposure, and delivery channels. Of 2372 SIBL-EPs registered with CIMA, 94% provided a response to the data request, resulting in a comprehensive representation of the sub-sector. The analysis of the data concluded that the risks arising from the geographic exposures of SIBL-EPs were Medium Low. However, a Medium-High risk of ML/TF was assigned to the other risk categories. This resulted in a Medium-High rating for the entire sector. The risk assessment report also discusses the measures recently taken by the Cayman Islands to mitigate the risks associated with SIBL-EPs, especially the recent amendments to the SIBL to bring SIBL-EPs under the authorisation and supervisory regime of CIMA. As of January 15, 2020, SIBL-EPs no longer exist as a category. All entities previously operating as SIBL-EPs have to re-register with CIMA, providing information on their ownership and control structure as a part of the registration process. From January 15, 2020, such entities are known as “Registered Persons” and are subject to the same authorisation and AML/CFT supervisory engagement as any other sectors subject to CIMA’s mandate.

The Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGOUK) recently facilitated tours for a London visit by Kristina Ebanks and Asia Bush. The two students won an essay competition organised by GirlForce, a mentoring group run by 100Women in Finance (Cayman). The students travelled to London with their families and GirlForce 100 Mentors to attend a reception held at Buckingham Palace in celebration of 100 Women in Finance’s (100WF) Investing in the Next Generation initiatives, hosted by HRH The Countess of Wessex, Global Ambassador of 100WF's Next Generation Initiatives. The mentees’ attendance at the reception was also part of a wider week of educational visits and tours facilitated by the Cayman Islands Government Office and 100WF. The students, their mentors and parents joined a tour of the Houses of Westminster, where they learnt about the UK’s government and political system, and visited areas of the House of Commons not usually accessible to the general public. CIGOUK was able to organise an exclusive tour of the Palace of Westminster for Ms Ebanks, Ms Bush, their mothers and their GirlForce mentors. Phillippa Knights, Assistant Representative and Government Student Liaison for Cayman Government in the UK, who organised the tour, said “It was a delight to host the GirlForce Group and be part of a cultural and informative tour of Parliament.” Cayman Connection UK (CCUK), a network for Caymanians overseas, can also organise city walking tours for visiting Caymanians and assisted in the organisation of a tour of the City of London with partner Joolz Guides. The tour showed the group the history of the City of London and stopped off at some iconic London venues. Kristina Ebanks, GirlForce 100 mentee and essay winner, said of the tours “It was fascinating to see the Palace of Westminster; there are such impressive buildings and we learned a lot about UK politics. The city tour was great fun, we saw a lot of London. Our guide was very amusing, but it was cold!” GirlForce Mentor and Maples Group associate Audrey Rankin commented that she enjoyed the tours, finding them very educational, “especially for the mentees”. Ms Rankin concluded by thanking the Cayman Islands Government Office and Cayman Connection UK for facilitating the tours. Cayman Islands Representative André Ebanks said of the visit: "Our office was thrilled to help 100WF (Cayman) facilitate a London visit for two young female Caymanian high school students who wish to explore a career in financial services. “Watching their excited faces, and each of their mothers' excited faces, before, during and after planned activities was a joy for our office team to see. It was also evidence that positive exposure, however brief, can inspire a young person to aim high in their desired careers, and in the process learn how they can contribute to gender balance in the financial services industry."

You would be hard-pressed to find a place more serene than Little Cayman, so the next time you get an itch for a weekend away consider the smallest of the Cayman Islands. Affordable flights are available daily making it easily accessible. Once there you will start to relax instantly as the laid-back vibe recharges your soul. Here are ten reasons you should visit Little Cayman: Peace & Quiet: With less than two hundred full-time residents and minimal development Little Cayman is one of the most peaceful places on earth. Visitors will feel like they are on a private island and can cast the stress of life aside. Bird Watching: Little Cayman is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Visitors can pass the day watching the sky for pelicans, frigates, and parrots or visit the 300-acre Booby Pond Nature Reserve home to approximately one-third of the world's red-footed boobies. Rock Iguanas: Brag about meeting a real-life dragon after crossing paths with a rock iguana. Native to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac the rock iguana will seduce you with is rugged looks and curious personality. World-class diving: Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall is often cited amongst the top dive destinations with its thriving coral reefs and vibrant marine life. Underwater enthusiasts can also enjoy a visit to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute to learn more about their latest research and findings. Beach: Those looking to sit back and relax will have their choice of beaches. Point of Sand is a popular option famous for its pink sand and views of Cayman Brac. Additionally, Little Cayman Reef Resort, Pirates Point, The Club and private rental villas have their own scenic beaches calling your name. Owen’s Island: If the desire for adventure strikes rent kayaks or paddleboards and head to Owen’s Island. The uninhabited and undeveloped island is surrounded by crystal clear water and sandbars making it the perfect place to laze around and picnic. Hungry Iguana: Enjoy a meal at Little Cayman’s most iconic restaurant the Hungry Iguana. Every item is made fresh to order with love. Locally caught fish is often available. There are ocean views and a fully stocked bar. The Hungry Iguana is the perfect place to pass an afternoon. Little Cayman Museum: Take a moment to learn about the history of this special island at the Little Cayman Museum. Located in iconic Blossom Village the museum is open Monday to Thursday 1.30PM-4PM, Friday 2PM-5PM, and Saturday 10.30AM-12.30PM. Peddle: One of Little Cayman’s most enduring charms is the laid-back way of life captured by the most common form of transportation bicycles. Conditions are perfect for biking as roads are flat and there are almost no cars. Resorts and villas have bicycles for their guests to use allowing visitors to explore as they please. It's paradise: With its relaxed vibe and scenic tropical landscape, Little Cayman meets most people’s idea of paradise. The slow pace complemented by minimal development melts stress away, and the charismatic animals and friendly locals make you feel at home…you might just find yourself wishing to stay forever.