Wednesday 2 December, 2020

10 reasons to do a staycation in Cayman Brac

The bluff in Cayman Brac. Photo taken by Stacie Sybersma

The bluff in Cayman Brac. Photo taken by Stacie Sybersma

From time to time we all need a weekend away; the change in scenery can boost our mood and help us refocus. With affordable flights and a little bit of everything, a quick trip to Cayman Brac may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Here are ten reasons to consider Cayman Brac for your next weekend get-a-way:

  1. The Bluff: Soaring more than 100 feet vertically into the air, the bluff is a dramatic rock formation for which Cayman Brac is named. The unique geography is unlike anything you have seen on Grand Cayman. Artists will enjoy photographing and painting the bluff, naturalists will marvel at its flora and fauna, and adrenaline junkies will enjoy exploring it.
  2. Rock Climbing: Adventure seekers will be drawn to Cayman Brac’s bluff to try their hand at rock climbing. Local company Rock Iguana offers a variety of excisions for all guests ranging from first time climbers through to advanced.  Visit Rock Iguana’s website to learn more and book an outing
  3. Caves: Nature lovers who want to keep their feet on ground will enjoy exploring Cayman Brac’s caves.  Highlights include Bat Cave, Rebecca’s Cave, and Great Cave. Most caves are marked and labelled with interpretive signs outlining the history and geographic features.  
  4. Lighthouse: Feel like you can touch the sky while visiting Cayman Brac Lighthouse. Located on the east end of the bluff the historic spot offers sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea and interpretive signage explaining the history of the lighthouse. There is also a footpath which leads visitors along the top of the bluff where they can observe nesting boobies (seasonally). 
  5. The Museum: Reflect on days-gone-by with a visit to Cayman Brac Museum. The museum is located in Stake Bay and is the oldest in the Cayman Islands. The gallery sheds light on Cayman Brac’s past and is accompanied with artifacts and photos. Admission is free and hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM & 1PM-4PM, and Saturday 9AM-12PM.  
  6. Foot’s Art Gallery:  Ronald ‘Foots’ Kynes is a sculpture who made his home on Cayman Brac. The artist has transformed his property into a menagerie of creative works open to the public. The artist resides on-site and is happy to give tours. Note that his work tends to be liberal so it may be best to skip this with children under 13.  
  7. Diving: The MV Captain Keith Tibbetts is one of the most popular dive sites on Cayman Brac. The impressive 300ft Russian Frigate creates an artificial reef allowing divers to explore the historic vessel and marine life simultaneously.
  8. Nim Things. Pick up a souvenir at Nim Things. Located in Spot Bay local artisan Tenson Scott creates jewellery, souvenirs, and artwork out of local materials such as conch, whelk, and black coral. Stop by to take home a one-of-a-kind piece.
  9. Food:  No weekend away is complete without tantalizing eats. Favourite pit-stops on Cayman Brac include Star Island Restaurant, Captain’s Table, and Barry’s Golden Jerk. Caymanian’s know a thing or two about cooked food. Your taste buds will not be disappointed.
  10. Luxury: Local hotel Le Soleil d’Or is a slice of heaven which sets the bar for lavishness in the Cayman Islands. Rest and relax in a private room or rent an entire beachfront villa. Indulge in culinary delights grown locally at Le Soliel d’Or’s private 20+ acre farm, and treat yourself with massages, yoga, and state of the art gym. A few days at Le Soliel d’Or will leave you feeling pampered and recharged

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