Tuesday 29 September, 2020

This 17-year old asks how, when and why the pandemic will end

Tahiti Seymour

Tahiti Seymour

by Tahiti Seymour

Is it over when citizens grow bored?

Is it over when the media lessens the publicity?

Is it over when all celebrities have shared their thoughts?


Is over when the infected are cured?

COVID-19 was once only a virus, but now it is a state of mind. Either a dreadful sense of forlorn, or a compelling strength to do more than just exist.

Teens specifically have suffered under the new norm of shelter in place, and some have given in. The teen culture of socializing and adventure will carry more meaning once the pandemic is over.

We have realized that there are people out there who we should have hugged a little tighter, whose presence we should have appreciated more.

Life is no longer the unbroken trajectory that we form in our minds, but a series of possibilities, with different possibilities of their own.

The teenage dream of graduating on a stage, and looking your educators in the eye, has vanished for many.

We are all seeking an end that seems so distant yet so near. An end that is comical on social media, yet in reality part of our daily apprehension… An end that may not be all-encompassing but only a personal triumph against the tribulations that COVID-19 has birthed.

To receive a simple hug from a friend will be a moment for the ages; a piece of history in the making. Oh, the nostalgia of feeling the embrace of the world around us, with its contrast of colour, smell, taste and atmosphere.

The meaning of life from the perspective of a teenager is transformed, where thrill is felt in numbers, and air is fresher in the night. Life is now a quest to seize every opportunity.

The importance of staying awake has never been so great...

Awake means that there is a heightened degree of vigilance for every possibility that can come your way. It can also mean that you are not only aware of the mainstream path, but also the many enlightening detours along the way.

For a teenager, life beyond this pandemic is quite unimaginable at the moment.

Parents and homework have created a heavy environment around us. Family bonds are becoming both strengthened and brittled. Either way we are eager to escape the indoors.

The indoors have become, in a way, a prison— either a place of reflection and rehabilitation, or one of frustration and sadness. But we still know nothing of the bail.

For teenagers, will this be the end and return of an age?

Will texting become an absurd mode of communication?

Will there be fewer posts on social media?

Will the world finally live in the moment?

All is uncertain in our time of loss.

Teenagers, the complex species, are the generation that will propel a new consciousness forward… that life is no longer certain, and that mishaps are a goal’s greatest companion.

The art of rewriting your story will become a welcome practice, and the colour of the world will be brighter than before.

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