Sunday 20 September, 2020

This $29 mil Bodden Town home could surely eliminate our COVID-blues

Sea of Dreams; Image Credit: Sotheby's

Sea of Dreams; Image Credit: Sotheby's

We at Loop have never concealed our love for Bodden town. There's just something about the authentic, natural Cayman-ness about this side of the island that has that much more soul than the clean luxury of Seven Mile Beach. Oh what we would give to be nestled in the lap of luxury on this beautiful coastline.

Could our dreams have been answered with Sea of Dreams? Well... with a price tag of $29 million, maybe in our dreams...

While business people, displaced tourism workers and just regular folks come to term with the "what next" of the current global and economic crisis, a majestic 6-acre property with 15,000-square feet of living space makes its rounds on social media and across the who's who of global media companies.

Listed by the New York Times in November 2019, it is referred to as "luxurious Caribbean living for the savvy, discerning home buyer; the perfect balance of simplicity and first class living, privacy and connectivity" but our favorite description comes from luxury magazine, the Robb Report, which reads "Tax-Free and Covid-Free? This $29 Million Cayman Island Mansion Offers Two Havens for the Price of One."

Who ever knew that the public health benefits of living in Cayman would someday be a selling factor for multi-million dollar real estate?

Also on the list of assets of the beach-front manse are what the Robb Report refers to as "pinch-me" moments or "something you'd envision in a deep sleep."

Just in case you didn't know what more than 500-square feet of private beachfront dreams looked like

While many Cayman readers might be bitter at the fact that while they are struggling to make ends meet in the midst of the blood bath of COVID-19, we must continue to be grateful that palatial properties such as this continue to keep our Cayman Islands on the map, reminding the higher end traveler and investor that we are second-to-none when it comes to meeting the needs of the rich and famous, whether it is on the slick Seven Mile Beach or the more rugged, naturally beautiful Bodden Town locale of Sea of Dreams.

Not bad for one of several living areas

According to the Australian Financial Review, this was the lure for Michael Maes, a Belgian professional wildlife cinematographer, when he originally purchased the home. Apparently his goal was to get away from Antwerp and “move towards nature, away from the mainstream." In our opinion, there is nothing mainstream about 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a 100-foot swimming pool (apparently the largest pool in Cayman) with a walk-over bridge to the ocean, for a family of four (Maes moved here with his wife and two kids) and nothing even comes close to this idyllic location.

Well done Mr Maes.

If you have $29 million in change and are looking for somewhere to live, this beautiful villa is being listed by Sotheby's, under listing agent Brittainy Slade.

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