Sunday 5 April, 2020

5 heartwarming ways the Cayman community is responding to coronavirus

by Emelina Montoya

While uncertainty lingers in the air, communities in Cayman are powering through fear, gloom, and isolation in their own unique ways. Here are a few examples of how our resilient people are showing their #CaymanKind spirits in the midst of these testing times:

School teachers are getting creative with online/ distance learning

Some schools, such as Cayman Prep & High School, having now transitioned to e-learning, have incorporated beach fitness, plank challenges, and more, all to keep kids busy and active during this trying time!

Churches are using online platforms to keep services going

Several churches are using online platforms like Facebook and YouTube to continue spreading hope and faith to their congregations.

Supermarkets protect Seniors at all costs

Foster’s/Priced Right recently announced 6 am to 7 am to be a dedicated shopping hour for the elderly, those with a disability, and expectant mothers, and Kirk Market announced a special aisle (Number 14) for seniors only (60+).

Spreading the Cheer with our Voices

Cayman Youth Choir Director and music teacher at John Gray High School, Naomi Allnutt, has invited the public to the first ever virtual choir event today, Monday March 23 at 4.30 pm. Share the joy, raise awareness for local charities and support vulnerable people during this trying time. And recent choir rehearsals have been virtual!

If you and your children would like to join the adult “Let It Be” virtual choir or children “Lean On Me” virtual choir, contact Naomi at: Adult Choir; Youth Choir - or 922-2079.

Kids at home are getting their chance to be featured in Atlantic window display

Atlantic & Atlantic Kids has offered kids the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces in the new Kid’s Display Window. Draw, sketch, paint to your heart’s content, drop off the artwork, and be entered to win a $50 shopping spree. Contact 943-2296 for more info.

Emelina Montoya is a Communications and Media Studies graduate student from Carleton University. She is a current contributor for Loop Cayman and has a passion for business, ethics, media, journalism, and political science. To follow her recent works, connect with her on LinkedIn at Emelina Montoya.

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