Monday 28 September, 2020

5 life hacks that help in bad weather, Tropical Storms, hurricanes

Hurricane preparedness is supermarket shopping and cleaning up around the home, but it's also the little things that help you make it through safely and sanely.

1. Use the washing machine for water storage

You may not have a water tank at your home but if you have a washing machine, that's great too. How? Turn it on and let it fill with enough water for a Super Load, and then stop the machine and close the lid. 

You now have water to wash dishes, flush toilets or even boil if necessary caught and stored in a safe place.

2. Charge all phones and laptops

Plugin everything now before the electricity goes. Charge up fully. You may think that you won't be using that work laptop during a storm but that same laptop may be necessary to charge your cellphone later. Think ahead.

3. Fill up gas tanks 

Why fill up the car tank if you should stay indoors? Well, besides maybe needing to rush to a hurricane shelter because of some unforeseen circumstance, the car is also a sanctuary especially for people with babies. When the power goes and the fan is off and the baby is hot, a/c in the parked car sounds like heaven and helps soothe babies and toddlers who do not understand what a Tropical Storm is and can't fathom it just yet.

4. Make a meat soup

Use up the meat in the freezer quickly just in case you end up without power for a long period. Who says the soup can't have chicken and lamb in it along with dumplings and everything else? When the freezer is full and the electricity goes out, think of creative dishes so that the frozen produce or cold foods don't spoil.

5. Get citronella

The mosquitoes may not attack you now, but when the fan is off and the house is in darkness, all flesh is available. Mosquitoes delight in power outages. Listen carefully as they whizz by when the power is out and you'll hear them singing "You can kill us 10 times yesterday, but not more again today, Think you can win in the dark? No this is our play park!.... Sometimes sometimes, but not all de time so." 

Stay safe!

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