Monday 28 September, 2020

5 Things I miss most about Cayman while under COVID-19 curfew

“Cow neva know di use a him tail til him lose it.”

This old Jamaican proverb, meaning one appreciates things that much more if/ when they get taken away, has come to have a deeper meaning under the sudden and extended lockdowns and quarantines caused by COVID-19.

Personally, the crisis has caused me to reflect on and appreciate all of the things that I used to enjoy as a Yardie in Cayman, either by myself or with friends.

Here is a list of things I have come to love and can’t wait to enjoy once again after the restrictions are lifted.

Being lazy at Rum Point

A lazy day at Rum Point is one of the ways I like to unwind, and because of how long it takes to get there, for me it is like a daytime staycation. Whether lounging in a hammock, grabbing a famous mudslide, roaming the shore or taking a walk on the pier, there is no better way to spend the day. One thing’s for sure— I’ll be first in line when we can all enjoy the sweet vibes of Rum Point once again.

Me, being lazy at Rum Point

Reading and eating at Camana Bay

I love books and I love food! I get to enjoy both amid the upscale ambience and all-inclusive convenience of Camana Bay. Once the business and mobility restrictions are relaxed, you can look out for the Yardie in Cayman sprawled out at an outdoor table with oversized headphones, reading a book and enjoying my chosen cuisine of the day. Whether it is Indian, Japanese, Italian or modern American, I enjoy falling in love with food over and over again with every visit.

Hanging with friends at West Bay public beach

Of course I miss the beach! Before the lockdown it would be no problem to find a pick-up beach football game but since we are now limited to smaller groups of two and having been banned from beach access for quite some time, most of my friends are staying away until further notice. See you guys soon!

Leisurely enjoying Caymanian food with friends

Not only are some of my favourite local food places closed, but curfews, public gathering bans and social distancing regulations mean I can’t enjoy turtle meat, conch stew or even my Jamaican favourites like rice and peas and oxtails among friends. Sadly, a great part of the enjoyment of food is enjoying it with others and mi cyan wait fi nyam wid mi bredren!


Growing up in Jamaica, I never got the opportunity to get up close and personal with boats and sailing. But in Cayman boating is a way of life. I miss going out on our still blue waters and watching the guys skillfully guide the craft or parking up by the Sand Bar and enjoying some drinks. There is nothing quite like looking over the edge of a boat into waters so crystal clear that you can literally count the sting rays meandering on the ocean floor.


While safety during the pandemic is paramount, the government of Cayman has done a wonderful job of keeping COVID-19 under control. Yardie in Cayman loves the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful country that so highly prides itself on its resilience.

Once the restrictions are lifted, this cow and his tail will be enjoying and appreciating all the amazing things that Cayman has to offer.

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