Thursday 4 June, 2020

With 6 new positives, Cayman now has 45 positive COVID-19 cases

114 COVID-19 tests have been returned in the Cayman Islands today. Of these, 6 were positive. 4 are positive from students in the government facility and 2 from the community that were contacts of previously reported positive cases. This brings today’s total for the Cayman Islands to 45.

75 students have been tested already. There are still students that need to be tested.

The four positive students continue to be in quarantine.

There are 16 negative tests in Cayman Brac and 1 positive.

The following is the health status of the positive cases:

2: hospitalized

21: at home with symptoms being managed

2: clinically recovered (negative test results)

5: fully recovered (asymptomatic)

15: unreported

4,214 individuals in Cayman have tried the online test assessment tool available on the government site.

The HSA is the only place where testing can be done at the current time.

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