Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Attending Cayman Cookout doesn’t have to break the bank

Cayman Cookout is arguably Grand Cayman’s most prestigious event. Locals anticipate it, and visitors plan vacations specifically around attending.

The renowned Cookout is hosted by Eric Ripert and takes place January 15 to 19 2020, at the Ritz- Carlton, Grand Cayman. The event is overflowing with celebrity chefs including Jos Andrés, Emeril Lagasse and Andrew Zimmern to name but a few. During the Cookout, celebrity chefs take turns headlining events where they demonstrate, teach, and feed crowds with tantalizing and vibrant food.

The eats are so good that the premier events - costing thousands of dollars per person - are always among the first to sell out. In total, there are more than 60 events offered over the five-day celebration. Those interested in attending Cayman Cookout, but conscious of ticket prices, will be eager to know that there are several events which cost less than $100.

We've summarized these events below and if you're interested, you better book fast using Cayman Cookout’s website, because tickets are limited.

Multiday events:

  1. Yoga and Krug: Offered January 16, 17 and 18. Start your day with a yoga class, followed by Krug Champagne. It is the perfect way to start your weekend, or warm up for a day of culinary activities. Every day should start with yoga and champagne! When: 8 am. Tickets: $80.00.

January 16

  1. Bob Peters Cocktail Demo: Sneak out of work a bit early to attend award-winning mixologist, Bob Peter’s cocktail demo, at 3.45pm. The demo will teach you about mezcal, the sultry cousin of tequila. When: 3.45pm. Tickets: $75.00.
  2. Cigar Workshop: Join Cayman Cigar’s Master Cigar Roller, Barbara Garcia as she teaches attendees how tobacco blends are selected, bunched, rolled and finished into cigars. The demonstration includes a cigar and rum tasting, and a brief history of tobacco in Cayman. When: 3.45pm. Tickets: $75.00.
  3. World Class Take Over: Enjoy luxurious cocktails created by talented bartenders competing in the World Class cocktail competition. When: 9.30 pm, Tickets: free.

January 17

  1. Cognac Master Class: Wineschool3 instructs guests on the difference between cognac and brandy, complete with guided tasting of six different cognacs to understand its variety and complexity. Attendees will leave with a Certificate issued from the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC). When: 2 pm. Tickets: $75.00.
  2. Sherry Master Class:  Wineschool3 teaches an “intermediate level” courses on the history and wine-making styles of sherry wines. Attendees will taste six different sherries and will leave with a certificate issued by the Regulatory Council of Jerez. When: 3.45pm. Tickets: $75.00.
  3. Afternoon Tea & Cocktails: Enjoy a special twist on Afternoon Tea featuring tea inspired cocktails, bonus points for wearing fancy hats. When: 2 pm. Tickets: $95.00.

January 19

  1. Master Bites with Chef Rainer: Learn how to make a selection of recipes from Chef Rainer’s recent book, Small Bites, Big Taste, through his live demonstration. Chef Rainer is the Vice President and Corporate Chef at Marriott International Luxury Brands. When: 10 am. Tickets: $75.00. 

To attend any of these events, visit Cayman Cookout’s website to buy tickets. Note that guests must purchases tickets in advanced as there are no door sales.

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