Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Barbados CAPE students earn 11 Scholarships, 18 Exhibitions 'thus far'

Zionte Baptiste gained 1s in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and a 2 in Caribbean Studies

Zionte Baptiste gained 1s in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and a 2 in Caribbean Studies

In spite of the uproar and hundreds of disgruntled students across the region because of their Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) July 2020 results, 29 Barbadians are proud of their grades.

Harrison College students earned 11 Barbados Scholarships based on their Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) grades gathered in 2019 and 2020.

Acting Chief Education Officer Joy Adamson said: “For those who are not aware, to receive a Barbados Scholarship you have to achieve Grade ones in CAPE, in all your subjects, for year 1 and year 2 . . . We have 11 persons who’re receiving such awards and for these persons they will have full payment of tuition fees, health insurance where applicable and a living allowance of $7,560 per annum if you are studying in the UK, if you’re studying in the United States $6,300, and if you are studying in Canada $5,880. If you are studying at the University of the West Indies you will also be given an allowance and it depends on which campus you have been accepted to.”

Kolij was the only school to record scholarship winners for 2020 so far.

Overall, 18 students from across four educational institutions earned Barbados Exhibitions.

Harrison College got the lion share of Exhibitions as well copping 11 awards. Three Queen’s College students won Barbados Exhibitions, two Barbados Community College students as well, and one student from the Christ Church Foundation School.

More Scholarship or Exhibition winners may be announced in the next couple of weeks as students await their final results having submitted queries to CXC.

Announcing the winners today (October 20), Adamson stressed this point saying that she was announcing the names known “thus far, because we know that there have been some requests for reviews.”

2020 Barbados Scholarship winners

Amir Alleyne

Andraya Forde

Annusa Hunte

Brianna Williams

Christian McIntosh-Clarke

Danielle Shepherd

Dylan Marshall

Jara Emtage-Cave

Matthew Edghill

Melanie Gill

Siraj Nakhuda


2020 Exhibition winners

Harrison College

Akobi Forde

Alik Beckles

Jencee Sealy

Jessica Kodilinye

Jorissia Barnett

Kaylah Durant

Kaylee Hodgkinson

Mateo Sam

ReeAnn Morris

Winette Mamby

Xavion Lowe


Queen’s College

Tavia Gilkes

Zionte Baptiste

Zoe Harris


Barbados Community College

Adonai Mason

Deimario Callender


Christ Church Foundation School

Alexis Daniel

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