Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Caymanian culinarian offers home detox meal delivery

Caymanian owner of Grocery Nest, Angela Wood

Caymanian owner of Grocery Nest, Angela Wood

"Congratulations Daphne! You've completed day 1 of your detox! Your mind, body and spirit thanks you. We hope you enjoyed day 1 of the program."

This personalized message greets me first thing on Tuesday morning with some helpful tips. What a lovely way to begin my detox with Grocery Nest Cayman, the newest food delivery service to hit Grand Cayman- but with a twist. 

One of the juices I enjoyed during my detox

Grocery Nest's daily meal delivery for detoxers was founded at the beginning of the year, just before the pandemic affected Cayman. 

Owner, Angela Wood, says that a two-week detox plan that she did at the age of seventeen converted her to the benefits of detoxing and she has since wanted to create the same type of positive change in the lives of others.

"It was at my first job," she recalls. "I was a hostess at Wine Down restaurant [which no longer operates]. During that time, I met the head chef, Frank, from New York City. He shared the story of his journey to detoxing after feeling ill from consuming carbs, meats, alcohol and a variety of unhealthy foods. He did some research on my needs and created a two-week detoxing meal plan for me and it was an absolutely life-changing experience. In my detox journey, I experienced weight loss, boosted my energy, improved digestion, improved my liver function, reduced body inflammation, experienced mucus removal and my skin cleared up. All in a very organic and healthy way."

That was when Wood endeavored to better understand the way detoxing works and its role in overcoming health issues and supporting vital organs in cleansing themselves of toxins by enabling the liver to function properly. Grocery Nest is the product of years of research and development.

A typical 3-day detox

Grocery Nest offers plans for a minimum of three days and as long as three weeks and promises the types of results that Wood achieved after her first detox.

"One of my favourite aspects of this programme is the source of the ingredients," says Wood. "Many items are sourced from local markets and local fishermen. I personally do all of the shopping on-island to ensure that I use only the best organic products. Grocery Nest also follows strict cooking guidelines to meet a specific calorie count."

"When detoxing, the ideal time to commence a program is when someone deems it necessary and the right fit to their wellness goals and what they are trying to accomplish," says Wood. 

And what better time than in the months following quarantine, when many have been living extended unhealthy and sedentary lives. 'COVID-weight' is currently one of the most common terms in the English language!

The detox plans consist of 3 meals a day. Breakfast is liquid, lunch is a solid meal (poultry or fish) and dinner consists of a liquid meal. Wood advises that the daily programme contains between 500 and 700 calories total per day.

Wood's meals also support an eco-friendly lifestyle. "The packaging we use is all eco-friendly and plant-based, from the delivery bag to the straw. We believe in being 100% plastic-free and we are strong advocators for sustainability," she says.

"My passion for food has shown me that you can live a fulfilling lifestyle through eating healthy and taking care of your body one day at a time. Although you can see almost immediate results with our program, it is not a 'quick lose weight program'-- it is a lifestyle."

A typical lunch on the detox

Grocery Nest also offers a craft grocery delivery service for $30 plus the cost of food. This service is indispensable for those who have highly specific tastes who demand convenience and sophistication.

Customers are provided with the option to have their groceries crafted for them based on very specific needs and time periods. Grocery Nest will soon also be providing customers with an online store where they can select specific items.

This type of service will be indispensable in the coming months, when visitors will be given the opportunity to do home quarantine which will require grocery delivery.

Grocery Nest deliveries can be delivered to visitors' condos and villas just before they arrive to Grand Cayman.

"Before quarantine was mandatory, travellers were forced to purchase groceries before they arrived to their vacation home," says Wood. "Now that isn't even an option and delivery is required. Either way, the last thing you want to do when jet-lagged is to go grocery shopping. Grocery Nest provides a much better alternative than roaming a foreign supermarket with unfamiliar prices, deals and promotions." 

"That is why we are here," Wood explains. "To take care of stress, keep you healthy and save you money."

To contact Grocery Nest, email, call/ whatsapp (345) 923-9422 or visit on Facebook.

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