Tuesday 7 July, 2020

With COVID Caymanian mothers are happy to have their kids home for MD

They say every cloud has a silver lining and what greater silver lining than to have children, who would typically be away at boarding school and university, back in Cayman to celebrate mother's day?

OK, OK readers, we aren't going to sugar coat it... The truth is, despite the joy and given the circumstances, in many ways, it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Many Caymanian mothers who had adjusted to an empty or pseudo-empty nest have had the unexpected and welcomed joy of sharing mother's day with their children, but let's face it, being stuck in the house with teenaged kids who have become accustomed to living far away also comes with its challenges. Loop Cayman spoke with a number of mothers around Cayman and what quickly became apparent is that while it's amazing to have everyone under one roof, the challenges of online schooling, readjusting to daily routines and the inability for teens to socialize have come with a toll!

Rebekah whose 2 teenage girls are usually in the UK at school, confirms "For me... it’s my silver lining!!!! So delighted to have them home and loving every minute."

Mom, Kary, whose son and daughter are also typically away in school in the UK at this time says, "Generally everyone is LOVING having this time with our kids but having to juggle online schooling 6 hours ahead in the UK each weekday is tough."

Of all the mothers we spoke to, the overarching theme that emerged was a joy at having the entire family together but an agreement that online schooling is an uphill battle, especially in the case where different time zones are involved.

One mom said, "Having the girls home has been truly wonderful. Laughing and cooking together, but online schooling has been a bit of a nightmare! I feel as if I am doing my English, Biology and Business Studies A levels all over again. Dr Faustus and Wuthering Heights with the girls has been painful. One of mine is a social media genius with an online business and my thoughts are - why are we paying a fortune in school fees, struggling with A-Levels when you are really the next Jeff Bezos and should be focusing on your online biz!!"

Other moms spoke of re-learning to live together again, “...learning how to live all day long with each other... But we have all learned a lot. I am very happy to spend most of every day with them. I think they miss their lives outside. Peer relationships are crucial. Thank goodness for social network apps”

So what’s a mom to do? Does she make sure her kids are out of bed before 10.30 in the morning when they typically see about this themselves? Does she enforce a study rule or class time? And with social distancing-- it's not easy to demand that a 19-year-old college student, who is suddenly back under their parents’ roof stay away from their Caymanian friends! 

"It's not all easy,” said one mother. “But on this mother's day, it's certainly very special.”

Happy Mother's Day!

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