Wednesday 21 October, 2020

This is the current procedure for testing quarantining travellers

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Many have wondered what it is like to be in a 14-day quarantine in the Cayman Islands. Loop recently addressed these questions in an anonymous piece, written by one of our readers. 

But what is the testing process like? How long does it take? How is it done?

As many know by now, citizens, residents and work permit holders must apply with Travel Time to return to the country if they have been traveling and seek to return home. This must be done before outbound travel is planned. While there are no restrictions on outbound travel, inbound travel is highly regulated. The Travel Time process supports travelers in understanding what their responsibilities are.

Among these is the need to quarantine for 14-days at a government approved facility.

But does 14-days really mean 14-days?

No, not really. Why?

Day 15 is actually the day that the COVID-test is conducted on those who are quarantining. Quarantiners are advised via email of their testing date about a week into quarantine.

The hotel issues a reminder of this on the night before.

On day 15, a medical team is dispatched to each facility and results can take up to three days to come back.

Quarantiners are requested to keep their masks on, blow their nose and present identification to the medical professional testing them.

Medical personnel knock on the doors of those to be tested and test them within the vicinity of their rooms. Results are typically received on the same day, but quarantiners are advised that this can take up to three days.

Once a negative result is received, quarantiners are welcome to leave and are escorted from the facility by hotel personnel, for their safety.

If quarantiners are found to b positive and are asymptomatic, they must be quarantined for a further ten days after which they are tested again.

If quarantiners are found to be positive and are symptomatic, they are moved for medical attention.

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