Sunday 20 September, 2020

DEH Provides Recycling Facilities to Eastern Districts

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) in response to requests from the East End community have today, Friday Sept 11, provided the Eastern Districts with recycling containers for public use.

The closest containers were in Savannah before today and DEH staff worked hard to facilitate the request as the department continues to educate and promote the benefits of recycling to the islands.

The new containers are adjacent to the Captain George Dixon Park.

“We were happy to know that the East End community was eager to recycle more and we really wanted to find an approved place for the containers to give those in the eastern districts an opportunity to recycle in a more convenient manner. Today we have provided containers for plastics (Type 1 and 2), tin cans and glass bottles” said Angello Roye, Operations Manager Solid Waste (acting) – DEH.

“There are so many benefits to recycling including reducing the amount of waste sent from the home to the landfill, conserving natural resources, saving energy and helping to create jobs that benefit the environment for the local community” added Michael Haworth, Assistant Director Solid Waste – DEH.

To learn more about what can be recycled on island and where your closest containers are located please

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