Thursday 2 July, 2020

Father’s Day gift guide for the Caribbean dad

Fathers love the mushy stuff more than they let on...

Fathers love the mushy stuff more than they let on...

Father’s Day is upon us. Before you know it, you too will join the hundreds of thousands on social media users posting charming idyllic posts with your father figure.

The number one tip your friends at Loop Lifestyle can provide is “nobody knows him better” – he’s your father, uncle, brother, cousin, grandpa, or otherwise – you’re oftentimes the best person to select a gift for him.

But, before you go haywire looking for the gift, you need a guide: inexpensive gift ideas for your father.

Father’s Day on a budget already sounds like a good idea.

If this Father’s Day comes with an unpleasant reminder of a lost loved one, take the time to reflect on the life they lived in solitude or spend the day with family doing something that person would love.

Here are some of our top picks for Father's Day gift ideas:

Cologne (based on scents he likes) – not just something you like or something that catches your eye

Tools – most men love a good tool, but one thing that every man will appreciate is a Leatherman multi-tool.

Spa Day – schedule an appointment at a spa/beauty therapy spot ahead of time. If he doesn’t mind a surprise, spare him. If he hates surprises, let him know so he can prepare himself mentally.

Men will decline a spa date in a heartbeat and secretly drop hints for the next one after they’ve had the experience.

A dinner date. As much as many of our fathers hate to admit, they too, like to be spoiled. A dinner date, whether with the missis or with the family is all they want on a Sunday afternoon.

Breakfast in bed. Again fathers love the mushy stuff more than they let on. If he’s likely to wake before you do, leave hints to suggest sleeping in and surprise him with a breakfast platter of his favourite foods. Make it pretty, make it interesting – with mementoes – and make it with love.

Fishing equipment.

Vinyl. Vinyls are making a comeback, albeit in a modern way, and there are several vintage record shops that offer the kind of music a father with a record would appreciate.

A drone or remote control flyer. Men love gadgets, whether you go for a 65” TV or a remote-controlled aeroplane/car. suggests a pair of Wallabees or Desert Clarks, or a new set of Dominoes – a game-night must-have is great for the fathers who love a good game of ‘lick six’.

A new/newer tablet

Apple Watch/Fitbit. This goes for any father, but the older gents definitely need a gentle reminder to get active.

Books or a Kindle for the father who’s ready to turn a new leaf. Different strokes for different folks.

His own Yeti, because dads love a cold drink too.

Leather accessories from Myoldman Leathercraft

A coffee grinder

Buy him a new plant friend

An Appleton Estate 8 Reserve

Keep it simple, small gesture go a long way.

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