Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Governor pays a visit to the Red Cross

This week Governor Martyn Roper visited the Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC) Shelter and met with staff and volunteers. The Newly renovated shelter which was officially opened in January this year is a 24/7 facility and is ready and available to provide a safe haven for those needing assistance during an emergency.

During the visit, the CIRC Director, Jondo Obi, and Disaster Manager, Edward Tinling-Miller presented the Governor with CIRC’s new disaster management framework for the hurricane season, incorporating COVID 19 guidelines. As part of CIRC’s disaster preparedness, 55 volunteers have been trained in CPR/First Aid/AED, shelter management and psychological support.

The Governor was also shown 1 out of the 9 CIRC relief supply containers which are strategically placed throughout Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands to assist each community in the event of a national and localized disaster. Containers are stocked with equipment such as hygiene kits, flashlights, batteries, plastic sheeting, etc.

The Governor also met with the Thrift Shop Manager, Remy Imperial who described how the Thrift Shop referral services work. The Thrift Shop works closely with several government agencies and NGOs who refer their persons in need of our service regularly using the CIRC referral form. Persons who are referred to the Thrift Shop are given access to shop goods free of cost to them. Furthermore, the Thrift Shop also helps and supports those families in the community who are victims of disaster, be it an island-wide disaster such as a hurricane, or an individual family’s disaster, such as a house fire. The Thrift Shop provides these families with clothing, bedding, furniture, and any other items of which they are in need.

The governor also visited the HMCI warehouse where more supplies are held, ready for distribution if needed.

Sadly the Red Cross' two main sources of income – first-aid training and the Thrift Shop – were directly impacted due to the COVID-19 restrictions of the past few months. Relief efforts have continued to increase amid these challenges. Without the income, it is very difficult for CIRC to continue its critical work in the community.

"My thanks to the Red Cross Cayman Islands team for all the excellent and essential work they do for these Islands; for their contribution during the pandemic, the support they offer to those in need and for the work they are doing in support of hurricane season." said the governor.

To make a donation or to offer support to the Cayman islands Red Cross, visit their website at https://redcross.org.ky/donation/.

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