Thursday 24 September, 2020

Here are the MRCU scheduled spraying operations

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit has announced the following aerial and truck operations for Saturday (today) and Sunday. Operations begin at 5.30 pm

Aerial Spraying Saturday

  • Starting from Red Bay, Prospect, Savannah, Lower Valley, Northward, Beach Bay and Bodden Town, ending at Midland Acres (includes Midland Acres) - 7.15 pm
  • Bodden Town - starting at Lookout Gardens, Peace Bay, Midland Acres – 5.30 pm
  • All of East End - 5.30 pm

Fogging Trucks Saturday

  • One fogger starts at Harquail Theatre; Dog City Dykes; Courts Road; Bodden Road; Rock Hole; Eastern Ave. all turnings; Washington Road all turnings; North Sound Way Road, then Webb Road, Seymour Drive, Dump Road – 7.15 pm
  • One fogger starts at the West Bay Public Beach, Rev Blackman Rd., Town Hall Rd., Hell Rd., Water Course Rd., Boatswains Bay Rd., Fountain Rd. - 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Smith Rd, all turnings; Windsor Park up to the Catholic school; Walkers Rd. up to the Hospital – 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Old Crewe Road, South Sound, Truman Bodden Sports Complex, and finish at Fern Circle - 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Midland Acres, Breaker’s, Seaview Road all turning up to Health City, then High Rock Drive 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Portland Rd., Dorcy Drive, North Sound Rd., Breezy Way, Half Way Pond, Randyke Gardens, Crewe Rd, Tropical Gardens, Lions Centre, Grand Harbour - 7.15 pm

Aerial Spraying Sunday

  • North Side begins from Kaibo and includes Hutland, Old Man Bay, Queen’s High Way up to Tortuga in East End – 7.15 pm

Fogging Trucks Sunday

  • One fogger starts at Spotts-Newlands, Savannah, up to Country Side, Hirst Rd. all turnings, Butterflies Circle, Moonbeam up to Marine Unit - 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Midland Acres, Breakers, Frank Sound – 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at East End, Farm Road up to Tortuga – 7.15 pm
  • One fogger to start at Barker’s Dykes, Powery Road and Papagallos, all turnings Conch Point and Mount Pleasant, Batabano Rd all turnings, Dart Nursery - 7:15 pm

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